Friday, November 20, 2009

New Steam Community Feature (Total Playtime)

Valve has just today added a new feature to the Steam community profile page, namely total playtime. This addition has been awaited, since a Valve employee mentioned it long ago (HERE), and, finally, it's here.

Normally, you only have the option to view playtime for the past two weeks, but since March this year Valve has been recording gameplay hours of your games through Steam. Now, when you look at someone's profile under gameplay stats, you'll see e.g. "9.7 hrs / 157.7 hrs" where the first number is from the past two weeks, and the latter is total playtime since March. You can also look at people's gamelists and see how much they've played their games.

Here I should note that total playtime also includes idle time.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google, I praise thee...

For a long time Google has offered 1GB of storage for their Picasa service. 1GB is not very much (only around 300 full resolution pictures taken with a six megapixel camera), so users who wish to backup all their photos have to purchase extra storage (which also can be used on Gmail if 7+GB isn't enought). The prices upto now were 10GB for $20, 50GB for $75, and so on. So far I've used 7.18GB out of my 10GB plan, and already been annoyed by the fact that there were nothing between 10GB and 40GB...
Today this changed! Not only have they lowered the prices, but at the same time they've added more storage. So now the prices are 20GB for $5, 80GB for 20$, and so on upto 16TB (whoever needs that much?). With 80GB (70GB more than before!)  I can easily backup all my parents photos too without risking anything (80GB is almost a quarter million high res photos!). I wonder what else I can backup...

Some links from Google:
More extra storage for less (Official Gmail Blog)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary to Wallace and Gromit

Title says it all. Wallace & Gromit have existed in 20 years. Man, I remember seeing their shows when I was younger. Not long ago I saw TellTaleGames had made an episodic game with the two loveable characters, namely, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. I got the first episode for free when I bought the Tales of Monkey Island and I enjoyed it much seeing it kept the style from the old shows.
To celebrate the anniversary TellTale put the adventures on sale for only 15€, 34.99€ being the normal asking price.