Friday, April 30, 2010

100% on Beat Hazard

Beat Hazard is  Asteroids on LSD. You are a small ship in the middle of space. Astroids are flying about and other space ships are trying to kill you. Every level in the game is different because it is randomly generated by a freely chosen song. The more beat in the music, the stronger your weapon becomes, but at the same time more enemies are spawning. You weapons, the enemies' weapons, and explosions are all very colourful, and at hectic times you can barely see the screen from colours.

When I bought the game I was afraid it would be like Bullet Candy, which I didn't like. But it's not! This game is fun, actually really fun, and especially since you decide your own difficulty by chosing songs - slow songs being the hardest. If you have a few minuts and fell like playing a casual game while listening to some tunes, then I would highly recommend this game.

Most of the achievements are fairly simple, and when you get the Veteran achievement (Accumulate 10 hours of play) you'll probably have most of the others as well. At first you'll think it will be impossible to get 1 million points in one track, but after you level up, you'll find 1 million points in one track is a lousy run. The hardest achievement is probably Survival Champion! (Reach 20 Minutes in Survival Mode), but with the right choice of music it's doable - a megamix is a good choice, make sure there's no quiet moments in the songs, nor at the beginning or the end. You'll most probably get the Boss Slayer achievement (Kill 8 bosses in 1 game) while playing survival.

Friday, April 16, 2010

100% on Fortix

This newly released game (Fortix) is basicly just an old classic from way back. Let me describe it this way: you are a knight running on the edge of a picture. On this picture there are forts that you need to capture. You capture teritory by moving away from your baseline (which is the frame to begin with) and draw a line from one place of the baseline to another. The smallest side of the line is then captured. But things are not that easy! On the pircture there's also cannons shooting at you and dragons flying around trying to kill you. You kill dragons by capturing the teritory they're on. Cannons you destroy by either capturing them or capturing a tricker that fires a catapult.

If you have a few hours to kill, then this game is great fun, but it's also really short. It took me 1,6 hours to get perfect on all the easy levels. Completing the game on impossible took further 3,3 hours. In my opinion, that is too short. If the game only was 2,99€-3,49€ it would be ok - 4,49€ is a bit overpriced for the game when it is this short and the gameplay so simple.

Enough of that - 100% completed!

I'll finish this this post by showing how I completed the achievement "Dragon Crisis" (Let Xitrof lay 15 eggs on the final level, then win the level.)

100% on Simplz Zoo

I'm so ashamed about owning Simplz Zoo... nah. This game is really a child's game or a girlie game. But the most important part of the game is the small puzzles in the game, which are all various Bejeweled games that are all fun. I don't really care about the zoo building aspect of the game, which luckily isn't that important in the game - you basicly earn resournes in the puzzles with which you can buy new things to your zoo.

Anywho, 100%!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

100% on Zombie Driver (again)

Zombie Driver, a GTA 1 style game where you drive through streets through hordes of zombies. Too bad the only missions in the game are "drive to this spot and clear out the zombies to save a few people"... WAIT! I already said this back in March. A few days ago the Slaughter mode was released for Zombie Driver, which included 21 new achievements. A bit much, but it's always fun to earn loads of achievements after just haven played ~30 minuts. The Slaugter mode is just you in your car in some sort of closed area with different environmental effects such as fog or darkness. Hordes of zombies then constantly spawn all around, and you have to survive as long as possible by slaughtering as many zeds as possible (note: you can't spell slaughter without laughter!). This mode really fits the title and is actually a lot of fun, especially since they added leaderbords (only ingame, sadly) where you can try to be the best of your friends or simply just the best of all. I must say that the new achievements was too easy to complete. On each of the five levels you need to score a certain amouts of points, but this is set way too low, imo. I did them all either in the first or in the second run. And I did every other achievement except for a few grinding achievements (which aren't crazily high either) while doing this.

100% on Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood (again)

I reviewed this game back in August 2009 when the game came out. I gave it a very poor score because of the big lack of contend - only one level! But, appently, the plan was all along to add extra contend for free later on. They just had to release "a beta-version" early on because they ran out of money (note: their own money!). The new contend pack released back in January helped the game a lot. A campaign with five maps was added, and the chance to customize your character and purchase weapons. I still think that 6,99€ is a bit too much - 4,99€ would be a better price. Anyway, the developers are still working on some multiplayer, which will probably help too.

Back on topic, I once again have 100% on this small game. The new achievements took about 3 extra hours to complete, where the last two hours was basic kill grinding.

100% on Everyday Genius: SquareLogic

I earned the last achievement a couple of weeks ago, namely the "Piece Of Cake" (Solve all puzzles in a region.). When I saw this game released I instanstly bought it, since this is the type of casual game that I really enjoy, and I knew my girlfriend would agree. The game is somewhat like sudoku just where you get some solving help by small equations around the board. It is really well done, and with 20000+ different boards some very easy and some very complicated there is plenty to do. I highly recommend this game to everyone who enjoy casual puzzle games as sudoku.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Achievement Stats for March 2010

This update comes a bit late since I've been busy with various things. Also, since there has been some significant chances to SteamStats, I'm going to change my stats here too. The chances to SteamStats (without knowing too much) include the deletion of millions of accounts (before SteamStats knew about more than ten million accounts, and now there's only a few thousand left). This was done for a couple of reasons:
  • Performance - the site was beginning to work really slowly because of the _large_ database.
  • Cheaters - now, recorded cheaters are easier to spot, and most cheat profiles are now not known to SteamStats.
Another change is the auto update of Top(something) every day, so the stats from the top players are always up-to-date. It naturally follows from all this that there has been a huge drop in achievement values

Here are my achievement stats for March 2010.

Achievement games owned: 77/104 (74,04%)
Achievements from owned Games: 2084/3435 (60,67%)
Achievements from all games: 2084/4170 (49,98%)
Owned games at 100%: 20/77 (25,97%)
All games at 100%: 20/104 (19,23%)

New achievement games to Steam:
Newly purchased achievement games:

Complete list of new achievements earned:
  • (Mar 28) Champions Online: Doppelganger, Damaged Ego.
  • (Mar 27) Champions Online: Aegir Master Diver, Lemurian Sub Assault, Palus, Lemurian Sub Triumph, Aegir Rescue Diver, Aegir Master Diver.
  • (Mar 27) Defense Grid: The Awakening: Annihilator.
  • (Mar 26) Champions Online: Qliphothic Lore, The Kings Shall Rise, Kings of Edom Loremaster, Mystery of Mechanon, Mechanon Loremaster, Historian: Lemuria, Destroyer Research.
  • (Mar 25) Football Manager 2010: Invincible!, Star Man, Goal Machine, Unstoppable Force, Iron Curtain, The Boss, Cup Glory!.
  • (Mar 24) Champions Online: All About VIPER, Lemuria History: Caliginous Depths, Lemurian Carvings, Qularr Operations, Reflections on Destroyer, VIPER Recruitment, Vanquished Kigatilik, The Harrowing.
  • (Mar 23) Shatter: The Boss, High Speed Breaker, Going Further.
  • (Mar 22) Team Fortress 2: Tartan Spartan.
  • (Mar 22) Champions Online: Aegir Cave Diver, Rift Runner, Revolution under the Sea, Lemuria: Cartographer, Lemuria: Spawn Camper.
  • (Mar 21) Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II: Shooter, Hey, That's Mine!, A Chest To Die For, Quest For The Holy Grail, Gestir, Otzi The Iceman, Got A Crush On You, This Is Sparta!, Pop, Lock, And Drop It!, Tricky Shot, This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Things, You Shall Not Pass!, Seeker Of The Grail, Archer, Block N' Poke, Dinah, Weakling!, I Has A Parrot, Kills First, Aim Second, Sharp Pointy Teeth!, Berserker, Huscarl, Cornish Game Hen, Butterknifed!, I'm Invincible!, I Have Never Lost A Melee, Parrot Frenzy, I Shall Smite Thee!, I Shall Feast On Your Bones!, Anger Management, Holier Than Thou, Purple Heart, Why Did I Bother Lighting That?, From Davy Jones' Locker, Hero Kill, Mouse Trap, I'm Burnin' For You, This Is Madness!, Did I Do That?, POW, Right In The Kisser!, I Wish To Register A Complaint!, Great Balls Of Fire, Have A Nice Trip, Captain, Robin Hood, Shish Kebab!, Puppeteer, Agrianian Javelineer, Axed By The Arc, Well Rounded, Trapped Mouse, Madoff With The Chest, Goldmember.
  • (Mar 21) Shatter: Marching On.
  • (Mar 20) Champions Online: Sandtiger, Vanquished The Bronze King, Karkaradon Texts.
  • (Mar 19) Champions Online: Billy Goat Bluff.
  • (Mar 19) Shatter: Overkill, Old School, Fringe Benefit, Time, Attacked, Balls Galore, Storm Warning, Kinetic Harvest, Aurora, Shardenfreude, Granule Extractor, Krypton Garden, Freon, Amethyst Caverns, Neon Mines, Argon Refinery, Xenon Home World, The End of the World, Master Batter.
  • (Mar 18) Football Manager 2010: Champions!.
  • (Mar 17) Magnetis: Cousins, Brother & Sister, Twins, Buddies.
  • (Mar 16) Champions Online: Shadow Destroyer, Iguana, Vanquished Vikorin the Blind, Ruin from the Ancient Past, Jouster.
  • (Mar 14) And Yet It Moves: Stuntman, Random.
  • (Mar 14) Age of Chivalry: Burning Ambition, Face-kebab, BBQ Master, Seek and Destroy, First Blood, Robin Hood (Bronze), Five Star Arching, Char Broiled, Lumberjack, Olympian, Harvester of Sorrow.
  • (Mar 13) Team Fortress 2: Joint Operation, Medical Breakthrough, Tam O'Shatter, Spynal Tap, Play Doctor, Soviet Block, Geneva Contravention, Party Loyalty, Doctor Assisted Homicide, Grand Rounds.
  • (Mar 12) Champions Online: Vanquished Bleak Elder, Those Who Dwell in Bleakness, Pirates of the Abyss.
  • (Mar 11) Champions Online: Resonant, Vanquished Dr. Moreau.
  • (Mar 09) Zero Gear: Silver Medal.
  • (Mar 08) Team Fortress 2: Class Struggle, Photostroika, Ghastly Gibus Grab, War Crime and Punishment, Engineer to Eternity, Something Stickied This Way Comes, Crock Block, Triage.
  • (Mar 08) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two: Reluctant Hero, Millionaire, Pack Rat Strikes Back, Pervert, Moving On Up, POWER SURRRGE!, Arsonist, Lab Assistant, Endgame, Steel Cannibal, The Strength To Rule, Can't Nobody Hold You Down.
  • (Mar 08) Team Fortress 2: Where Eagles Dare, Wings of Glory, The Longest Daze, War Crime Spybunal, Dodgers 1, Giants 0, Retire the Runner, Blind Fire, Medical Intervention, Firewall, Quick Hook, Enemy at the Gate.
  • (Mar 07) Left 4 Dead 2: STILL SOMETHING TO PROVE.
  • (Mar 07) Zuma's Revenge: The Ocho.
  • (Mar 07) Champions Online: The Vengeance Journals, The Worms Crawl Out.
  • (Mar 06) Football Manager 2010: You're On Fire, Scoring Streak, Unbeatable!, Team Performance, Comeback King!.
  • (Mar 04) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One: Pack Rat.
  • (Mar 04) Zombie Driver: I Like My Car Clean..
  • (Mar 04) Portal: Transmission Received.
  • (Mar 03) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One: A Winner Is You, Immortal, Clean Sweep, Silent, But Deadly, Pacifist.
  • (Mar 02) Football Manager 2010: He's Signed!, First Victory, Clean Sheet, Hat-Trick, Double Hat-Trick.