Thursday, April 8, 2010

Achievement Stats for March 2010

This update comes a bit late since I've been busy with various things. Also, since there has been some significant chances to SteamStats, I'm going to change my stats here too. The chances to SteamStats (without knowing too much) include the deletion of millions of accounts (before SteamStats knew about more than ten million accounts, and now there's only a few thousand left). This was done for a couple of reasons:
  • Performance - the site was beginning to work really slowly because of the _large_ database.
  • Cheaters - now, recorded cheaters are easier to spot, and most cheat profiles are now not known to SteamStats.
Another change is the auto update of Top(something) every day, so the stats from the top players are always up-to-date. It naturally follows from all this that there has been a huge drop in achievement values

Here are my achievement stats for March 2010.

Achievement games owned: 77/104 (74,04%)
Achievements from owned Games: 2084/3435 (60,67%)
Achievements from all games: 2084/4170 (49,98%)
Owned games at 100%: 20/77 (25,97%)
All games at 100%: 20/104 (19,23%)

New achievement games to Steam:
Newly purchased achievement games:

Complete list of new achievements earned:
  • (Mar 28) Champions Online: Doppelganger, Damaged Ego.
  • (Mar 27) Champions Online: Aegir Master Diver, Lemurian Sub Assault, Palus, Lemurian Sub Triumph, Aegir Rescue Diver, Aegir Master Diver.
  • (Mar 27) Defense Grid: The Awakening: Annihilator.
  • (Mar 26) Champions Online: Qliphothic Lore, The Kings Shall Rise, Kings of Edom Loremaster, Mystery of Mechanon, Mechanon Loremaster, Historian: Lemuria, Destroyer Research.
  • (Mar 25) Football Manager 2010: Invincible!, Star Man, Goal Machine, Unstoppable Force, Iron Curtain, The Boss, Cup Glory!.
  • (Mar 24) Champions Online: All About VIPER, Lemuria History: Caliginous Depths, Lemurian Carvings, Qularr Operations, Reflections on Destroyer, VIPER Recruitment, Vanquished Kigatilik, The Harrowing.
  • (Mar 23) Shatter: The Boss, High Speed Breaker, Going Further.
  • (Mar 22) Team Fortress 2: Tartan Spartan.
  • (Mar 22) Champions Online: Aegir Cave Diver, Rift Runner, Revolution under the Sea, Lemuria: Cartographer, Lemuria: Spawn Camper.
  • (Mar 21) Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II: Shooter, Hey, That's Mine!, A Chest To Die For, Quest For The Holy Grail, Gestir, Otzi The Iceman, Got A Crush On You, This Is Sparta!, Pop, Lock, And Drop It!, Tricky Shot, This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Things, You Shall Not Pass!, Seeker Of The Grail, Archer, Block N' Poke, Dinah, Weakling!, I Has A Parrot, Kills First, Aim Second, Sharp Pointy Teeth!, Berserker, Huscarl, Cornish Game Hen, Butterknifed!, I'm Invincible!, I Have Never Lost A Melee, Parrot Frenzy, I Shall Smite Thee!, I Shall Feast On Your Bones!, Anger Management, Holier Than Thou, Purple Heart, Why Did I Bother Lighting That?, From Davy Jones' Locker, Hero Kill, Mouse Trap, I'm Burnin' For You, This Is Madness!, Did I Do That?, POW, Right In The Kisser!, I Wish To Register A Complaint!, Great Balls Of Fire, Have A Nice Trip, Captain, Robin Hood, Shish Kebab!, Puppeteer, Agrianian Javelineer, Axed By The Arc, Well Rounded, Trapped Mouse, Madoff With The Chest, Goldmember.
  • (Mar 21) Shatter: Marching On.
  • (Mar 20) Champions Online: Sandtiger, Vanquished The Bronze King, Karkaradon Texts.
  • (Mar 19) Champions Online: Billy Goat Bluff.
  • (Mar 19) Shatter: Overkill, Old School, Fringe Benefit, Time, Attacked, Balls Galore, Storm Warning, Kinetic Harvest, Aurora, Shardenfreude, Granule Extractor, Krypton Garden, Freon, Amethyst Caverns, Neon Mines, Argon Refinery, Xenon Home World, The End of the World, Master Batter.
  • (Mar 18) Football Manager 2010: Champions!.
  • (Mar 17) Magnetis: Cousins, Brother & Sister, Twins, Buddies.
  • (Mar 16) Champions Online: Shadow Destroyer, Iguana, Vanquished Vikorin the Blind, Ruin from the Ancient Past, Jouster.
  • (Mar 14) And Yet It Moves: Stuntman, Random.
  • (Mar 14) Age of Chivalry: Burning Ambition, Face-kebab, BBQ Master, Seek and Destroy, First Blood, Robin Hood (Bronze), Five Star Arching, Char Broiled, Lumberjack, Olympian, Harvester of Sorrow.
  • (Mar 13) Team Fortress 2: Joint Operation, Medical Breakthrough, Tam O'Shatter, Spynal Tap, Play Doctor, Soviet Block, Geneva Contravention, Party Loyalty, Doctor Assisted Homicide, Grand Rounds.
  • (Mar 12) Champions Online: Vanquished Bleak Elder, Those Who Dwell in Bleakness, Pirates of the Abyss.
  • (Mar 11) Champions Online: Resonant, Vanquished Dr. Moreau.
  • (Mar 09) Zero Gear: Silver Medal.
  • (Mar 08) Team Fortress 2: Class Struggle, Photostroika, Ghastly Gibus Grab, War Crime and Punishment, Engineer to Eternity, Something Stickied This Way Comes, Crock Block, Triage.
  • (Mar 08) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two: Reluctant Hero, Millionaire, Pack Rat Strikes Back, Pervert, Moving On Up, POWER SURRRGE!, Arsonist, Lab Assistant, Endgame, Steel Cannibal, The Strength To Rule, Can't Nobody Hold You Down.
  • (Mar 08) Team Fortress 2: Where Eagles Dare, Wings of Glory, The Longest Daze, War Crime Spybunal, Dodgers 1, Giants 0, Retire the Runner, Blind Fire, Medical Intervention, Firewall, Quick Hook, Enemy at the Gate.
  • (Mar 07) Left 4 Dead 2: STILL SOMETHING TO PROVE.
  • (Mar 07) Zuma's Revenge: The Ocho.
  • (Mar 07) Champions Online: The Vengeance Journals, The Worms Crawl Out.
  • (Mar 06) Football Manager 2010: You're On Fire, Scoring Streak, Unbeatable!, Team Performance, Comeback King!.
  • (Mar 04) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One: Pack Rat.
  • (Mar 04) Zombie Driver: I Like My Car Clean..
  • (Mar 04) Portal: Transmission Received.
  • (Mar 03) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One: A Winner Is You, Immortal, Clean Sweep, Silent, But Deadly, Pacifist.
  • (Mar 02) Football Manager 2010: He's Signed!, First Victory, Clean Sheet, Hat-Trick, Double Hat-Trick.

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