Friday, September 25, 2009

And the price for the game with the most stupid achievements go to...

Let's first look at the nominated games:

Team Fortress 2:
For having a lot of achievements, where many are just farming, and keep adding new. Because of all these achievements there exists a lot of achievement servers.

Day of Defeat: Source:
Almost all the achievements for this game require you to kill a specific amount of enemies using a specific weapon. In this multiplayer game you can get all the achievement without ever playing against others.

Garry's Mod:
A lot of the achievements require you to spawn a lot of objects and then destroy them. There's also achievements for just being active for a very long time.

Unreal Tournament 3 Black:
Many of the achievements is about winning a certain playing style a lot of times. Basicly, you have to play hundreds of battles to get the achievements in this game.

Defense Grid: The Awakening:
This game more or less throws achievements in your face. For a long time this game had some of the easiest achievements out there.

Champions Online:
Basicly for being an MMO that forces you to pay for the game each month. The game has 640 achievements, so you get achievements for almost everything.

D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up:
All the achievements in this game you get for killing a specific number of enemies with a specific weapon.

And now to reveal the winner.
Let me just open this envelope...
...and the winner is

Wtf is wrong with Garry? Sure there's a lot of grinding and farming in the other games, but this takes it to the extreme. There's a lot of those "kill 1000 something", but you can only spawn like 10 at the time if you don't wish to crash the game. And "open the spawnmenu 100,000 times" - that's a lot of button pressing. "Play with 10 friends" - what casual player can find 10 players at the same time? "Say the secret phrase" - find a word on the internet and type it. "Experience 500 Lua programming errors" - find some addon that half-brakes the game. Play the game for a day/week/month/year - wtf? Who plays a game for a year... and I feel sorry for the people that already did this. Start the game 1000 times - what a silly amout of times, and on top of that, it's broken!
And the most stupid achievement is... "Yes, I am the real garry!" (Play on the same server as garry) - and Garry doesn't even play his own game. In the last two weeks he played 0.3 hours, and that was probably for bugfixes.

All that said, I managed to get most of the achievements - the rest will take about 11 month and a bugfix.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

100% on Droplitz

Immerse yourself in this addictive puzzler that's all about strategically twisting and connecting mismatched dials to save precious droplitz. Just making a single junction is child's play; can you master the art of the combo or will you let your pipes runneth over? Be warned: losing too many droplitz can be hazardous to your ability to win. With four unique play modes, a variety of board sizes, and infinite replayability, Droplitz promises to drain all your time away.

I got this game for only a few bucks, 80% off, on a very decent sale. The game includes 12 achievements, but over half of these were bugged at release. A patch to fix these were released a couple of weeks later, and after playing some more hours I got all of them (again!). Let me give a few hints:

Adventurer (Survive for 2 hours): This one is pretty easy. Just play Zen mode for more than 2 hours. I played for four hours withour problems before I got too bored and ended the game. While doing this one you'll probably get most of the others.

Zen Master 50 (Create a multiplier of 50 or more): This was the only one I was missing after my four hours of Zen. I found that it was pretty easy to get it in level 1-3. The level is big, and the droplitz move slow. Just work on the side at the time. Make a patch on one side, and start to create one on the other (without closing it!). When the large droplitz(s) has passed throught the path, and the path disappears, quickly close the patch you created on the other side. Keep going like this until you reach your goal.