Friday, September 25, 2009

And the price for the game with the most stupid achievements go to...

Let's first look at the nominated games:

Team Fortress 2:
For having a lot of achievements, where many are just farming, and keep adding new. Because of all these achievements there exists a lot of achievement servers.

Day of Defeat: Source:
Almost all the achievements for this game require you to kill a specific amount of enemies using a specific weapon. In this multiplayer game you can get all the achievement without ever playing against others.

Garry's Mod:
A lot of the achievements require you to spawn a lot of objects and then destroy them. There's also achievements for just being active for a very long time.

Unreal Tournament 3 Black:
Many of the achievements is about winning a certain playing style a lot of times. Basicly, you have to play hundreds of battles to get the achievements in this game.

Defense Grid: The Awakening:
This game more or less throws achievements in your face. For a long time this game had some of the easiest achievements out there.

Champions Online:
Basicly for being an MMO that forces you to pay for the game each month. The game has 640 achievements, so you get achievements for almost everything.

D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up:
All the achievements in this game you get for killing a specific number of enemies with a specific weapon.

And now to reveal the winner.
Let me just open this envelope...
...and the winner is

Wtf is wrong with Garry? Sure there's a lot of grinding and farming in the other games, but this takes it to the extreme. There's a lot of those "kill 1000 something", but you can only spawn like 10 at the time if you don't wish to crash the game. And "open the spawnmenu 100,000 times" - that's a lot of button pressing. "Play with 10 friends" - what casual player can find 10 players at the same time? "Say the secret phrase" - find a word on the internet and type it. "Experience 500 Lua programming errors" - find some addon that half-brakes the game. Play the game for a day/week/month/year - wtf? Who plays a game for a year... and I feel sorry for the people that already did this. Start the game 1000 times - what a silly amout of times, and on top of that, it's broken!
And the most stupid achievement is... "Yes, I am the real garry!" (Play on the same server as garry) - and Garry doesn't even play his own game. In the last two weeks he played 0.3 hours, and that was probably for bugfixes.

All that said, I managed to get most of the achievements - the rest will take about 11 month and a bugfix.

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