Sunday, December 27, 2009

100% on Big Brain Wolf

Another game quickly completed. Didn't really find the game all that fun. It's a point and click adventure, but the surroundings doesn't react at the time you click - your charactor has to walk over to the spot first, and he walks really slowly. Also, I did find some of the puzzles too hard compared to what I expected. Actually, I had to google a few, and I still didn't understand a few of them. Naturally, it didn't help that the game ran really poorly on the old system I played it on, even though it's better than the requirements for the game.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Team Fortress 2 Update

Yes, I know this comes a bit late, but I still want to do it!

One of the most anticipated updates to one of VALVe flagship Team Fortress 2 has finally been released.
It all started with a WAR on the 10th of December between the Blue Soldier and the Red Demoman. Through out a week these two fought for a special crafted weapon by killing the most of the other class. On December 17th the war was over. It was close, but the Soldier won a close fight 6,406,065 vs. 6,372,979.

The update natually comes with achievements for the two classes - 35 achievements per class.

100% on Zombie Bowl-O-Rame

After buying this small and simple game yesterday for 0,99€ I already managed to get all the achievements. All of them were very simple except from the perfect 300 game one - that took some tries.

Steam Holiday Sale in on!

The Steam Holiday Sale is now on. Last year's sale was very nice with everything in the store at at least 10% and some speciel games at 75% such as BioShock and Portal. This year seems to be even better with deals going all the way to 80% and a lot of games at 50+%.

To name some of the larger sales we have:
It doesn't even stop there. Everyday will have a different sale. I will list all these below:

03.-04. (Encore)
My purchase list was as follows:
  • 14,99€ Serious Sam HD
  • 00,99€ Zombie Bowl-O-Rama
  • 07,49€ Grand Theft Auto IV
  • 13,99€ Best of TiltedMill Collection
  • 03,99€ Big Brain Wolf
  • 09,99€ Galactic Bowling
  • 23,79€ id Super Pack
  • 02,24€ Zombie Driver
  • 03,05€ Indigo Prophecy
  • 10,19€ The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut
  • 02,24€ Lucasarts Adventure Bundle
  • 02,49€ King's Quest Collection
  • 02,49€ Space Quest Collection
  • 02,25€ Prey
  • 07,49€ Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
  • 01,99€ Harvest: Massive Encounter
  • 03,74€ Max Payne Bundle
  • 09,99€ Zuma's Revenge!
  • 02,99€ Multiwinia + Darwinia
  • 14,99€ Sam & Max Season One + Two Pack
  • 06,79€ Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
  • 06,79€ Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
  • 04,49€ And Yet It Moves
  • 09,99€ Aquaria
  • 04,99€ S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky
  • 01,39€ Sniper Elite
  • 04,74€ The Ankh Pack
With a total of 180,55€. At least I did save 350,18€ from the normal asking price, and I actually ended up spending less than what I expected. Think I'm ready for the new year now...

                      Even thought it's almost a month ago Steam had their Pre-Holiday Sale with five days of daily sales, I will lise these below:

                      Day 1:
                      Day 2:
                      Day 3:
                      Day 4:
                      Day 5:
                      My purchase list was as follows:
                      With a total of 130,40€. At least I did save 152,49€ from the normal asking price.

                            Thursday, December 17, 2009

                            Tales of Monkey Island - Rise of the Pirate God

                            The season finally was released December 9th a few weeks later than promised, since the original release date was somewhere in November. Never the less, I would rather have a polished, delayed game than an unpolished, at the time game.

                            In this last episode we start out trapped, but not in a normal sence...
                            That's right. Our beloved hero Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate™ is dead, killed by the evil pirate LeChuck. After you rise to the occasion (Get it? He's dead, and rises from his grave...) and become Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Ghost Pirate™. Your goal in this last chapter is to find your way in the Crossroads and rise from the dead to defeat LeChuck who is holding your beloved Elaine. Luckily the deceased, but still lovely, Morgan is there to help. Also, a four-legged companion will help you on your way back to the living.

                            I'm not going to spoil too much of the story, but I will say that this episode closses the season in a beautiful way. Many didn't like the Tales of Monkey Island, but I really did enjoy myself playing through all the episodes.

                            Through out this last episode (and also episode 4) I took screenshots to put up on my Gaming Screenshots page (Note: If you haven't played the game, and plan on it, don't watch the screenshots.).

                            First snow of the season

                            Just a few pictures taken from my flat of the first snow of the season. Hopefully, it will still be there by Christmas.


                            Friday, November 20, 2009

                            New Steam Community Feature (Total Playtime)

                            Valve has just today added a new feature to the Steam community profile page, namely total playtime. This addition has been awaited, since a Valve employee mentioned it long ago (HERE), and, finally, it's here.

                            Normally, you only have the option to view playtime for the past two weeks, but since March this year Valve has been recording gameplay hours of your games through Steam. Now, when you look at someone's profile under gameplay stats, you'll see e.g. "9.7 hrs / 157.7 hrs" where the first number is from the past two weeks, and the latter is total playtime since March. You can also look at people's gamelists and see how much they've played their games.

                            Here I should note that total playtime also includes idle time.

                            Wednesday, November 11, 2009

                            Google, I praise thee...

                            For a long time Google has offered 1GB of storage for their Picasa service. 1GB is not very much (only around 300 full resolution pictures taken with a six megapixel camera), so users who wish to backup all their photos have to purchase extra storage (which also can be used on Gmail if 7+GB isn't enought). The prices upto now were 10GB for $20, 50GB for $75, and so on. So far I've used 7.18GB out of my 10GB plan, and already been annoyed by the fact that there were nothing between 10GB and 40GB...
                            Today this changed! Not only have they lowered the prices, but at the same time they've added more storage. So now the prices are 20GB for $5, 80GB for 20$, and so on upto 16TB (whoever needs that much?). With 80GB (70GB more than before!)  I can easily backup all my parents photos too without risking anything (80GB is almost a quarter million high res photos!). I wonder what else I can backup...

                            Some links from Google:
                            More extra storage for less (Official Gmail Blog)

                            Thursday, November 5, 2009

                            Happy 20th Anniversary to Wallace and Gromit

                            Title says it all. Wallace & Gromit have existed in 20 years. Man, I remember seeing their shows when I was younger. Not long ago I saw TellTaleGames had made an episodic game with the two loveable characters, namely, Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures. I got the first episode for free when I bought the Tales of Monkey Island and I enjoyed it much seeing it kept the style from the old shows.
                            To celebrate the anniversary TellTale put the adventures on sale for only 15€, 34.99€ being the normal asking price.

                            Wednesday, October 28, 2009

                            100% on Left 4 Dead (again)

                            The Crash Course DLC added 10 new achievements for the two map long campaign. All of them were pretty simpel, some of them just required some luck. A few of them are also well overdue, like the 25 hunter jump, and the hit people with cars achievements. There are just a few problems with these two achievements.
                            1. The Crash Course campaign is not very hunter friendly - seriously, why did they lock the roofs?
                            2. I have yet to see a tank before the final. Luckely they did add a car and a container (which also counts) in the final.

                            The only achievement I had a problem with was the Smash Hit (Win a Versus campaign of Crash Course). That doesn't make much sense, right? No matter how many times I won that campaign I couldn't unlock it. In the end, while I was doing a few of the achievements with a friend (Bart Simpson), it popped up after I got all the others. He got his after I won over him (try to make sense of that).

                            Saturday, October 24, 2009

                            Why you hate the Internet

                            50 most annoying things about the internet
                            This is just a funny article telling you what you hate about the Internet. To name some:

                            1) Godwin's Law: As a [online] discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.
                            4) CAPTCHAs
                            6) The next big thing(s)
                            7) Blogs =)
                            8) Pop-up adverts
                            11) YouTube speech bubbles
                            12) Rickrolling (I blame you, YouTube!)
                            14) Comment pedantry (Shut up already!)
                            22) Viruses, scams and spam
                            27) WrItInG In A MiXtUrE Of UpPEr CaSe AnD LoWeR CaSe (Or just spamming 1337 sp34k!)
                            28) Patently absurd abbreviations (OMFGWTFBBQ!!1)
                            30) Filth, everywhere (I don't know about this one; the more filth there is, the less filthy the filth becomes...)
                            31) Websites that don't support a browser's back and forward features
                            34) Compulsory fields on forms (I don't want to fill out all those damn forms!)
                            35) National restrictions (Yeah, what's that about? Also, release things at the same time!)
                            42) The gradual erosion of your moral boundaries (That's what I said in #30)
                            43) Buffering (Fix mah Internet already!)
                            45) Hostility to 'newbies' (Yes, you! Mr. Anonymous.)

                            Big games with achievements

                            More and more games with achievements get released. Most of these are various indie games, but it looks like that is changing. First of all, the publisher MumboJumbo has started putting in achievements (Zombie Bowl-o-Rama and Everyday Genius: SquareLogic). Then we have SEGA's Football Manager 2010, Konami's SAW, and one of the most expected games this year, Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

                            Game #200 on Steam

                            I can't believe it's only three month since I bought my game number 150 on Steam (as I blogged HERE), but here we are. I wanted it to be something special so I could blog about it, but I couldn't really decide. At the time I reached #198 I knew what I wanted my #200 to be. I decided it would be Nation Red (for 8,99€) for a few reasons
                            1. It was announced that the game would get achievements (22 be be precise).
                            2. The support for this game is awesome, just look at the forums - they listen to every idea, and implement what people want (achievements, leaderboard, new playmodes, coop, etc).

                            I haven't really had time to play it yet, so I can't say much about it yet. Also, I will probably wait until the achievements are in place.
                            As I said, I decided when I were at #198. That meant I actually had to buy some other game first. After looking through the list of achievement games I decided on Spectraball, because I already had been looking at that game (it has achievements too!), and I just noticed that the game had been lowered to only 4,49€.

                            Friday, September 25, 2009

                            And the price for the game with the most stupid achievements go to...

                            Let's first look at the nominated games:

                            Team Fortress 2:
                            For having a lot of achievements, where many are just farming, and keep adding new. Because of all these achievements there exists a lot of achievement servers.

                            Day of Defeat: Source:
                            Almost all the achievements for this game require you to kill a specific amount of enemies using a specific weapon. In this multiplayer game you can get all the achievement without ever playing against others.

                            Garry's Mod:
                            A lot of the achievements require you to spawn a lot of objects and then destroy them. There's also achievements for just being active for a very long time.

                            Unreal Tournament 3 Black:
                            Many of the achievements is about winning a certain playing style a lot of times. Basicly, you have to play hundreds of battles to get the achievements in this game.

                            Defense Grid: The Awakening:
                            This game more or less throws achievements in your face. For a long time this game had some of the easiest achievements out there.

                            Champions Online:
                            Basicly for being an MMO that forces you to pay for the game each month. The game has 640 achievements, so you get achievements for almost everything.

                            D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up:
                            All the achievements in this game you get for killing a specific number of enemies with a specific weapon.

                            And now to reveal the winner.
                            Let me just open this envelope...
                            ...and the winner is

                            Wtf is wrong with Garry? Sure there's a lot of grinding and farming in the other games, but this takes it to the extreme. There's a lot of those "kill 1000 something", but you can only spawn like 10 at the time if you don't wish to crash the game. And "open the spawnmenu 100,000 times" - that's a lot of button pressing. "Play with 10 friends" - what casual player can find 10 players at the same time? "Say the secret phrase" - find a word on the internet and type it. "Experience 500 Lua programming errors" - find some addon that half-brakes the game. Play the game for a day/week/month/year - wtf? Who plays a game for a year... and I feel sorry for the people that already did this. Start the game 1000 times - what a silly amout of times, and on top of that, it's broken!
                            And the most stupid achievement is... "Yes, I am the real garry!" (Play on the same server as garry) - and Garry doesn't even play his own game. In the last two weeks he played 0.3 hours, and that was probably for bugfixes.

                            All that said, I managed to get most of the achievements - the rest will take about 11 month and a bugfix.

                            Saturday, September 19, 2009

                            100% on Droplitz

                            Immerse yourself in this addictive puzzler that's all about strategically twisting and connecting mismatched dials to save precious droplitz. Just making a single junction is child's play; can you master the art of the combo or will you let your pipes runneth over? Be warned: losing too many droplitz can be hazardous to your ability to win. With four unique play modes, a variety of board sizes, and infinite replayability, Droplitz promises to drain all your time away.

                            I got this game for only a few bucks, 80% off, on a very decent sale. The game includes 12 achievements, but over half of these were bugged at release. A patch to fix these were released a couple of weeks later, and after playing some more hours I got all of them (again!). Let me give a few hints:

                            Adventurer (Survive for 2 hours): This one is pretty easy. Just play Zen mode for more than 2 hours. I played for four hours withour problems before I got too bored and ended the game. While doing this one you'll probably get most of the others.

                            Zen Master 50 (Create a multiplier of 50 or more): This was the only one I was missing after my four hours of Zen. I found that it was pretty easy to get it in level 1-3. The level is big, and the droplitz move slow. Just work on the side at the time. Make a patch on one side, and start to create one on the other (without closing it!). When the large droplitz(s) has passed throught the path, and the path disappears, quickly close the patch you created on the other side. Keep going like this until you reach your goal.

                            Sunday, August 30, 2009

                            96% on Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition

                            You might wonder why I made this post when I'm not at 96%.achievements. Let me tell you. When this game came out you could get negative reaction times in Katana, but that got fixed before I got the game. In fact, it got fixed so well that now you can't even get under 30ms, which you need to do to get the "Strike Down Your Demons" achievement...

                            I used a decent amount of time to get the "Reflex Nirvana" (60 of 60 Gems Earned.) achievement, and while getting this I was making sure to get a minimum of A in all belt test (and I know I did that!). So when the game was over and I waited for the achievement popup for "Ultimate Ninja" (Get straight As on ALL of the 10 Belt Tests! The Ultimate Test for the ULTIMATE NINJA!), but no! No popups, no nothing! Reading through the forums I notice others with problems too... I will probably try to get it again later on. This time I don't need to get all the gems at least, so hopefully it won't take that long.

                            I will add more here later, basicly because this is a good and fun game where you can train your reflexes. I will try to add a few pictures and vidoes!

                            Friday, August 28, 2009

                            100% on The Wonderful End of the World

                            I bought the game AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity, and yes, that is a lot of As, but what would you say after you jumped out from a tall building? The game is an indie base jumping game where you get points by staying close to buildings while you fall. But this post is not really about this game. I prepurchased it because it was made by the same people that created The Wonderful End of the World, which you got for free when you prepurchased the Aaaaas (it was actually cheaper than just buying The Wonderful End of the World). Also, I'm hoping AaaaaAAaaa... will get achievements.

                            The Wonderful End of the World is a... well, weird game. You are some strange creature that consumes all objects smaller than yourself, and by doing this you grow so you can consume even larger things. It might sound stupid, but it's actually quite fun (also quite laggy from time to time). Too bad the game is really short. It has 15 levels. Your goal is now to consume enought stuff to get a good rating (you get an achievement by getting A+ in all of them). In the first playthrought of the levels I got a A+ on eight of them, A in five of them, and in the last two I had some problems getting more than B+ to begin with. That is, those two levels took a few more tries.

                            To sum it up, after 2.5 hours I had all the achievements for this game (very easy to get!), and therefore I welcome myself to the 100% club.

                            100% on Day of Defeat: Source

                            Another game to get 100% on. This time it was Day of Defeat: Source. Almost all of the achievements in this game is grinding kills; get 1000 kills with this weapon, get another 1000 with this, and so on. I managed to get all the achievements for this game without really playing it how you're supposed to; that is, I only joined other servers than my own for one achievement, namely AWOL (Play on 5 non-official Day of Defeat Source maps).

                            Most achievements in this game is done very easily by using the following method:
                            1. Get this map (which is called dod_orange_fight_arena):
                            2. Create a server just for you.
                            3. Type the following commands in the console:
                              sv_cheats 1
                              mp_limitteams 20
                              mp_teams_unbalance_limit 30
                              bot_zombie 1
                              bot -team ger
                              sv_cheats 0
                            4. Choose the team and weapon you wish to grind.
                            5. Grind.
                            You can also use "bot_mimic 1" to get all the bots to do the same movements as you (e.g. you can group them together for easy kills). Check out this YouTube for a video of it (I didn't make it!) .

                            Also, for the achievements where you need to be more than one person I used my guest pass for another account I made. I installed the game on my laptop beside my stationary. This method gave me "Jack of All Trades" (
                            In a single life, get a kill with an MG, Sniper Rifle, Rifle, SubMG and a Grenade), "Putsch" (Kill a machinegunner who has killed 8 or more players from a single deployed position), "Double Cross" (Kill an enemy by throwing back one of their team's grenades or riflegrenades), "Eviction Notice" (Kill a deployed sniper or machinegunner from a distance greater than 100 feet with a rocket), "Don't Bring a Gun" (Win a knife fight), and "Combat Engineer" (Defuse 100 enemy bombs).
                            For "Combat Engineer" and a few others I played a map called achievement0001.bsp (google it!). I would also expect this map to be pretty good at just grinding kills, but especially the bomb achievements is really easy to get here, because it more or less only consists of 8 bomb positions and two flags.

                            Friday, August 21, 2009

                            100% on Trine

                            I bought this game on 25% discount last week, and after 20 hours of playing I managed to get the last achievements. Or actually, according to my Steam profile page I'm missing one, namely "Way Out Of The Trine" (Earn all Achievements in Trine)... seriously, wtf?

                            Edit: Actually, I just started the game again and I got the achievement popup =)
                            Perhaps it's related to the fact I got my second last achievement "Survivalist" (Survive a level other than Astral Academy without any damage) after closing the game - that is, the popup came about 1 min after shutting down Trine.

                            Let me go through a couple of the achievements:

                            Master Collector (Collect all experience in the game): This was naturally the achievement that took the highest amount of time, but you'll get 15 other achievements while doing this - one for each level. Most of the experience is pretty easy to find - after my Very Hard playthrough I was only missing 0-5 on each level (and I wasn't really searching for them). I had some problems finding two in Heartland Mines, but apparently I wasn't the only one. I also had big problems in a couple of the other levels (sry, I can't remember their names) until I accidentily dropped a box in the sand and heard the sound of a few bottles. It's hard to see in this screenshot, but I had to sucide down in the sand to get two bottles in there. The last one is in Iron Forge (I think) and was well hidden in the lava (yes, that's right, in the damn lava!). After the sand accident I started moving boxes (that didn't burn up in the lava!) back and forth listening for the sound of a bottle, and finally I found it HERE where I'm pointing. A lot of the time I died before I could get deep enough in the lava to collect it...

                            What's Next? (Complete the entire game on Very Hard difficulty): This actually isn't that hard. You will only have a problem if your storm throught the level and all of a sudden gets cought between lots of skeletons.

                            Treasure Hunter (Find all secret items in every level): When you are playing through the game you really should be looking for as many secrets as you can. A lot of the things you find is very useful. If there's a few you can't find there's a good guide on YouTube - Part 1 :: Part 2.

                            What A View! (Build a tower with at least 12 Wizard-created objects and stand on top of the tower without collapsing it): As you upgrade your wizard you'll be able to create more planks and boxes. When you're fully upgraded you can create four of each. After you've found the right secrets you'll be able to create three more of each, giving you a total of 14 objects. You can built the tower in a lot of different ways, and when I did it I was actually just looking for some XP in a high place. I noticed my construction was quite stable so I added three more boxes (I had to create a tower with all 14 objects for some reason) and got it. Screenshot 1 :: Screenshot 2.

                            Whoops! (Kill 5 monsters with a single physical object drop or throw): Not really that hard. Group a bunch of skeletons and create a plank above them.

                            Better Than Developers! (Complete Tower of Sarek without any deaths on Very Hard difficulty): This wasn't really that hard, and I almost got it on my playthought on Very Hard. The knight is useless on this level. Use the wizard for creating a few planks and remove objects with spikes (what the hell are these called?), else, just use the thief with fire arrow to destroy the objects the boss creates.

                            Survivalist (Survive a level other than Astral Academy without any damage): I got this in Academy Hallways. Just use the thief's arrows (all the skeletons are without armour and very easy).

                            Still No Fireball (Conjure 500 objects in a single level): This is basicly you just standing by a save orb (or whatever they're called) and moving the mouse back and forth for ten minutes creating planks.

                            Undead Have Rights, Too! (Complete a level other than Astral Academy without any monster getting killed): Last level, the Tower of Sarek, is pretty easy. The only enemies are the few ones on the top. Just ignore them and use the wizard for what he's supposed to do. You can jump on them without hurting them.

                            Spring Master (Complete at least 5 jumps in a row on different skeletons without touching the ground): Once again, group together a bunch of skeletons and just jump on them till you get it.

                            Top Players

                            A few days ago I finally managed to get myself into Top30 and thereby also the Top Players club. As of now I'm placed as number 23. In a few days I will probably be placed #21, and perhaps if I'm a bit lucky with getting some achievements, the Top20.

                            A lot of my recent points have come from Trine, but more about this later (that is, after completing the last two achievements, which will, hopefully, be tomorrow).

                            Thursday, August 13, 2009

                            100% on Texas Cheat 'Em

                            This game was quickly completed. The only achievement I had a problem with was "Something's Fishy Here..." (Win a hand with 5 of a Kind). I kept fucking it up. The easy way of doing it is probably playing against someone online and agreeing to coop to get it.

                            Wednesday, August 5, 2009

                            100% on Penguins Arena: Sedna's World

                            After some repeative work I've managed to grab the last few achievements for this games. The achievements, and the game itself, are quite easy and straight forward. All you have to do more or less is play 150 fights (there is a achievement for taking part in 150 fights). If you're not a complete idiot you'll get all the achievements while doing that.

                            New achievement game (Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood)

                            A new game with achievements just popped up on Steam. Great, you think. Only 6.99€, and with the current discount it's only 5.24€, you say. Well, no! This game is nowhere worth that amount of money. All you get in one level (yes, one!) with a time limit of 10 min., five weapons, and four difficulities. The couple of times I played through the level it only took abount 7 min. (actually, you'll get an achievement for doing that). So what you get is 7 min. of decent playtime. After that it just gets repetitive and boring. That's a 1€=1min. of decent play.

                            I would not rate this game higher than 2/10 or 2.5/10.

                            It took me 0.9 hours to get all the achievements, and I was slow (failing at the veteran difficulty a few times). The first person to get them all got them just 45 min. after release...

                            At least the 3.57 point in game is worth at the moment on SteamStats got me in the Top30 - I'm now number 29.

                            Monday, August 3, 2009

                            100% on Left 4 Dead

                            Finally! After a lot of work - and a lot of hours - I've finally gotten the last few achievements in Left 4 Dead. In this post I'll go through some of the achievements and tell you how I got them.

                            Cr0wnd (Kill a Witch with a single headshot): This is quite simpel if there's no SI around. Walk up to her, wait for her to get a bit angry and look at you. Then shoot her in the head with the shotgun (auto is your best bet).

                            Untouchables (No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle): Can't really tell you how I got it, but I've seen a lot of people just getting by joining the server at the very ending of the finale. The easiest way is probably on easy with a few friends (kill the bots if you're not four).

                            Do Not Disturb (Sneak past all Witches in a campaign without disturbing one): This requires some luck - that is, sometimes the witch is placed in such a way you can't sneak past her. Also, don't use bots for this one.

                            Man Vs Tank (Single-handedly kill a Tank): Just play with some friends on easy that you can tell not to shoot at the tank.

                            Safety First (Play an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire damage): Play a easy campaign with bots where you only use mele. The bots can easily handle the infected.

                            Nothing Special (Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Special Infected): This one can be really tricky. You can do it alone with three bots by going fast throught the levels, but stop up and stay close to them when you hear a SI. Blood Harvest is a good map because it has big open areas. I tried this two times, and both times Louis was hit by a rock by the last tank in the finale. I ended up doing it with a few mates killing the remaining bot. Just move fast and stay close to each other when a SI is around. Actually, I found the hunter to be the worst. On our first try a hunter landed in front of a mate in the finale and hit him.

                            Stomach Upset (All Survivors complete a campaign without being vomited on): This can easily be done with the Nothing Special achievement.

                            Monday, July 27, 2009

                            Game #150 on Steam

                            I just bought my 150th game on Steam some days ago. It ended up being the first person shooter game TimeShift for 14,99€ (25% off).

                            Not really a bad game, but a bit too linear for my taste. The game would actually not be very good (keeping in mind it's from late 2007) if it wasn't for you special ability - you can alter time to your likings. You can slow down and stop time. You can even rewind the time for a short while. This puts the game in another lighting - with this ability the game isn't just a standard FPS, because throught out the game you'll have to use you time changing abilities to solve a few puzzles. Also, it's always funny to stop time, charge in, shoot a few people in the head, start time again and see them thrown back. You can also steal their weapons when the time is stopped, which can be fun, but you drop the weapon you are holding doing so, and their weapons is often worse than yours.

                            The plot in the game is quite hard to follow from time to time, and from a quick Google search I could see I'm not the only one with this problem. This is really a shame, because, imo, the plot in a game is the most important thing. They could have spent a little more time making the plot more obvious.

                            All bad things aside, I had a fun time playing through the game, which took me about 6-7 hours. If I should grade I would give it a 7/10 (I would give it a 6 had I payed full prize).

                            100% on Tank Universal

                            I just managed to get all the achievements for this wondering Tron-like game, and thereby joining yet another 100% club. Most of the achievements weren't really that hard; the only one I had problems with was "All Transports Away!". I had to replay that level 6-7 times before not missing any of the transports.

                            A lot of people have had problems with "256 Bit Supreme", which I don't understand. I actually managed to get two ranks above that rank (which just gives you an empty rank while counting your score, and then ends up as 256 Bit Supreme again).

                            The hardest achievement should be "Glyph Freak Deluxe", and I almost thought that I wouldn't get this basicly because there was no way to tell how many glyphs you've gotten out of the 128 you should get. I was quite pleased with it popup up at the same time as "A Full Rack" which wasn't that difficult either.

                            Wednesday, July 15, 2009

                            100% on Larva Mortus

                            Finally I managed to find all the items in this game and thereby joining the 100% club. I managed to do it in 13.5 hours which is better (luckier) than a lot of others. The achievements for this game you get by this running around hoping to find the item, and, natually, you will eventually get them all if you play long enough.

                            Don't get me wrong, I did like the game, but while you level your character up the levels get bigger and bigger, and it will take a lot more time to search each room. Also, after actually finishing the story I was still missing like 5 items. I ended up creating three accounts before I found the last item I needed.

                            Sunday, July 12, 2009

                            100% on Obulis

                            I just finished this game and thereby joining the 100% club. Fun small puzzle game that I will probably replay at some time with my girlfriend.