Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New achievement game (Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood)

A new game with achievements just popped up on Steam. Great, you think. Only 6.99€, and with the current discount it's only 5.24€, you say. Well, no! This game is nowhere worth that amount of money. All you get in one level (yes, one!) with a time limit of 10 min., five weapons, and four difficulities. The couple of times I played through the level it only took abount 7 min. (actually, you'll get an achievement for doing that). So what you get is 7 min. of decent playtime. After that it just gets repetitive and boring. That's a 1€=1min. of decent play.

I would not rate this game higher than 2/10 or 2.5/10.

It took me 0.9 hours to get all the achievements, and I was slow (failing at the veteran difficulty a few times). The first person to get them all got them just 45 min. after release...

At least the 3.57 point in game is worth at the moment on SteamStats got me in the Top30 - I'm now number 29.

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