Sunday, August 30, 2009

96% on Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition

You might wonder why I made this post when I'm not at 96%.achievements. Let me tell you. When this game came out you could get negative reaction times in Katana, but that got fixed before I got the game. In fact, it got fixed so well that now you can't even get under 30ms, which you need to do to get the "Strike Down Your Demons" achievement...

I used a decent amount of time to get the "Reflex Nirvana" (60 of 60 Gems Earned.) achievement, and while getting this I was making sure to get a minimum of A in all belt test (and I know I did that!). So when the game was over and I waited for the achievement popup for "Ultimate Ninja" (Get straight As on ALL of the 10 Belt Tests! The Ultimate Test for the ULTIMATE NINJA!), but no! No popups, no nothing! Reading through the forums I notice others with problems too... I will probably try to get it again later on. This time I don't need to get all the gems at least, so hopefully it won't take that long.

I will add more here later, basicly because this is a good and fun game where you can train your reflexes. I will try to add a few pictures and vidoes!

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