Friday, August 21, 2009

100% on Trine

I bought this game on 25% discount last week, and after 20 hours of playing I managed to get the last achievements. Or actually, according to my Steam profile page I'm missing one, namely "Way Out Of The Trine" (Earn all Achievements in Trine)... seriously, wtf?

Edit: Actually, I just started the game again and I got the achievement popup =)
Perhaps it's related to the fact I got my second last achievement "Survivalist" (Survive a level other than Astral Academy without any damage) after closing the game - that is, the popup came about 1 min after shutting down Trine.

Let me go through a couple of the achievements:

Master Collector (Collect all experience in the game): This was naturally the achievement that took the highest amount of time, but you'll get 15 other achievements while doing this - one for each level. Most of the experience is pretty easy to find - after my Very Hard playthrough I was only missing 0-5 on each level (and I wasn't really searching for them). I had some problems finding two in Heartland Mines, but apparently I wasn't the only one. I also had big problems in a couple of the other levels (sry, I can't remember their names) until I accidentily dropped a box in the sand and heard the sound of a few bottles. It's hard to see in this screenshot, but I had to sucide down in the sand to get two bottles in there. The last one is in Iron Forge (I think) and was well hidden in the lava (yes, that's right, in the damn lava!). After the sand accident I started moving boxes (that didn't burn up in the lava!) back and forth listening for the sound of a bottle, and finally I found it HERE where I'm pointing. A lot of the time I died before I could get deep enough in the lava to collect it...

What's Next? (Complete the entire game on Very Hard difficulty): This actually isn't that hard. You will only have a problem if your storm throught the level and all of a sudden gets cought between lots of skeletons.

Treasure Hunter (Find all secret items in every level): When you are playing through the game you really should be looking for as many secrets as you can. A lot of the things you find is very useful. If there's a few you can't find there's a good guide on YouTube - Part 1 :: Part 2.

What A View! (Build a tower with at least 12 Wizard-created objects and stand on top of the tower without collapsing it): As you upgrade your wizard you'll be able to create more planks and boxes. When you're fully upgraded you can create four of each. After you've found the right secrets you'll be able to create three more of each, giving you a total of 14 objects. You can built the tower in a lot of different ways, and when I did it I was actually just looking for some XP in a high place. I noticed my construction was quite stable so I added three more boxes (I had to create a tower with all 14 objects for some reason) and got it. Screenshot 1 :: Screenshot 2.

Whoops! (Kill 5 monsters with a single physical object drop or throw): Not really that hard. Group a bunch of skeletons and create a plank above them.

Better Than Developers! (Complete Tower of Sarek without any deaths on Very Hard difficulty): This wasn't really that hard, and I almost got it on my playthought on Very Hard. The knight is useless on this level. Use the wizard for creating a few planks and remove objects with spikes (what the hell are these called?), else, just use the thief with fire arrow to destroy the objects the boss creates.

Survivalist (Survive a level other than Astral Academy without any damage): I got this in Academy Hallways. Just use the thief's arrows (all the skeletons are without armour and very easy).

Still No Fireball (Conjure 500 objects in a single level): This is basicly you just standing by a save orb (or whatever they're called) and moving the mouse back and forth for ten minutes creating planks.

Undead Have Rights, Too! (Complete a level other than Astral Academy without any monster getting killed): Last level, the Tower of Sarek, is pretty easy. The only enemies are the few ones on the top. Just ignore them and use the wizard for what he's supposed to do. You can jump on them without hurting them.

Spring Master (Complete at least 5 jumps in a row on different skeletons without touching the ground): Once again, group together a bunch of skeletons and just jump on them till you get it.

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