Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Remember to support the largest climate awareness event Earth Hour, which since 2007 has been supporten by hundred of millions of people around the world. The event is very simple:  

from 8:30 PM local time, turn of all the lights for one hour.

"But it's in the middle of X-Faktor" (Danish program) is no excuse - in fact, they should support the event too by turning of the lights in Parken.

Read more about WWF's Earth Hour on

The hour has passed in Denmark, and looking out the window while sitting in the dark I have to say I'm quite disappointed. If I remember correctly, then last year my city turned off some of the city light. This year everything was on. Also, a lot of people around the block still had the light turned on. But then again, Earth Hour hasn't really been advertised anywhere this year for some reason...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

100% on Left 4 Dead 2

I love Left 4 Dead, and I love Left 4 Dead 2 almost as much. A problem with #2 is that they made the hunter useless. The hunter was by far the most fun character to play in #1, but for some reason they decided to make him harder to use and make it almost impossible to do high jumps by closing everything off. The boomer is also worse, but after some getting used to he's ok. But the spitter and charger in #2 are really great and fun to play (the jockey just plain sucks!).

Left 4 Dead 2 has some really hard achievements, and I've been working on them for some time now. The expert maps are almost impossible to do alone and you'll never know who joins a random lobby, so you have to hope that you have some friends who's up for the challange. I managed to force them to do four of the maps (also one on realism), but I still needed Hard Rain. After a lot of waiting and seeing that it probably wouldn't happen, I decided to look for a random lobby. After about an hour a lobby was finally created. Thankfully the players in this lobby turned out to be really decent players, and we actually managed to complete Hard Rain Expert Realism in under two hours, which is just crazy.

I'm really happy to be able to say, 100% complete! Bring on Left 4 Dead 3 =P

100% on Zuma's Revenge!

I always loved the old Zuma game, so I was really happy to see this game with achievements. It's more or less like the old game just with a few more modes and boss fights (some of those bosses can be really frustrating. In normal mode I didn't die until the last boss, who killed me around five times.) After normal mode you can play Heroic Frog mode, which is the same levels just way faster. Iron Frog gauntlet, beat 10 levels in a row under 25 minuts (to get the Iron Will achievements) I actually did on my first for-fun-run. The only two achievements I actually had problems with was Foie Gras (Force feed the God of Pestilence 20 balls in 20 seconds) - stop moving already! - and The Ocho (Acquire 8 fruits using the Proximity Bomb) - this doesn't happen as often as you think, and I ended up having to play some random challenge maps to get this one.

Friday, March 5, 2010

100% on Zombie Driver

Zombie Driver, a GTA 1 style game where you drive through streets through hordes of zombies. Too bad the only missions in the game are "drive to this spot and clear out the zombies to save a few people". Also, the game is just too short - 17 missions, all being more or less the same, all just taking a few minuts. Getting all the 12 achievements took me 3,3 hours, and that's with two playthroughs where I did all sidemissions (which are either "clear this area too" or "save the people within x minuts".).

Thursday, March 4, 2010

100% on On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One is the first installment in the RPG-Adventure game series based on the web comic Penny Arcade.
Too bad we'll never see the third and last episode of this game... Never the less, Episode one and two had a nice price drop a few weeks ago, going from 14,99€ and 19,99€ to both 4,99€, so I grabbed the first episode to try it out. It a decent game, sadly I never found the Penny Arcade comics that funny, so I didn't get all the humour in the game. The fighting system is fine, but I didn't realise until the final boss fight that you could block attacks, which made the game a bit harder than it would have been.  Never the less, I managed to get through without dying. In my last epic battle against the giant evil mine my computer gfx card broke, so I had a couple of easy achievements waiting...

Any way, 100% completion - YAY!
/me goes to purchase Episode two.

Achievement Stats for February 2010

Here are my achievement stats for February 2010.

Total Number of Achievements: 4041 (3643)
Total Number of Achievement Points: 5374,53 (4808,76)
Average Points Per Achievement: 1,33 (1,32)

Achievements Earned: 1875 (1747)
Achievement Points: 1932,08 (1784,35)
Average Points Per Achievement: 1,03 (1,02)

Complete list of new achievements earned:
  • (Feb 25) Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II: A Worthy Sacrifice.
  • (Feb 21) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One: Steel Devils, Fight 'Em With Items, Level Awesome.
  • (Feb 20) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One: Stray Cat, Nine Lives, All Together Now.
  • (Feb 20) Zero Gear: Bronze Medal, Gold Medal, Flight of the Falcon, Lemming.
  • (Feb 17) Champions Online: Dogcatcher, Gadroon Orders.
  • (Feb 17) Zombie Driver: Superbeast, Missed Flight, Zombie Driver, Pimp Car, Guns of Glory, Combo Master.
  • (Feb 17) Toki Tori: Hard Boiled, Escargone, Slimy Sewer Hard, Bubble Barrage Hard, Tunnel of Love.
  • (Feb 16) Champions Online: Vanquished Buster, Electric Boogaloo.
  • (Feb 16) Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II: I'll Be Blunt, Keg Stand!, Swinger, Oops, Did That Hurt?, Skirmisher, Heavy Knight, Parrot Killer.
  • (Feb 12) Magnetis: Sunday Player, Beginner, Thougie.
  • (Feb 12) Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II: Part O' The Crew, Asleep With The Fishies!, The Last Supper, First Blood.
  • (Feb 12) Nation Red: Breather.
  • (Feb 12) Age of Chivalry: Green is beautiful!, Timber!!!, Trebuchet Away! , KABOOOM!, I'm too young to die!.
  • (Feb 11) Toki Tori: Chef de Cuisine, Who are you going to call?, Creepy Castle Hard, All I got was this lousy T-Shirt.
  • (Feb 11) Zero Gear: Disappearing Act, Spring Chicken, I Get Around, Slippy Sez.
  • (Feb 10) Champions Online: Major, Predator.
  • (Feb 10) Team Fortress 2: Race for the Pennant.
  • (Feb 10) Toki Tori: Eggdurance, Forest Falls Hard, Cold as Ice, Close Encounter, True Champion, Master Chef, Bubble Barrage.
  • (Feb 09) D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up: Team Mate, Level 7 - Rolling Carnage.
  • (Feb 09) Magnetis: Pneumatic Drill, Power Hammer, Visitor, Fast Fingers!.
  • (Feb 09) Champions Online: High Five, I Believe.
  • (Feb 08) Aquaria: A New Chapter....
  • (Feb 08) Bob Came in Pieces: Chapter 2 - Silver Time, Chapter 3 - Silver Time, Chapter 4 - Silver Time, Chapter 5 - Silver Time, Chapter 6 - Silver Time, Chapter 12 - Silver Time, Chapter 2 - Gold Time, Chapter 3 - Gold Time, Chapter 4 - Gold Time, Chapter 5 - Gold Time, Chapter 12 - Gold Time.
  • (Feb 08) Torchlight: Cash for Trash.
  • (Feb 08) Zombie Driver: I Am The Law!, The Last Express, Die Zombies Die !!.
  • (Feb 07) Toki Tori: Sous-chef, Slimy Sewer.
  • (Feb 06) Champions Online: Guy with the Gun.
  • (Feb 06) Team Fortress 2: Frags of our Fathers, The Boostie Boys, Ain't Got Time to Bleed, Near Death Experience, Sticky Thump.
  • (Feb 06) Torchlight: Master Smasher, Down the Hatch, Supreme Slayer.
  • (Feb 06) Toki Tori: The Answer, Jeff, Cheapskate, So Sad, Deep Fried, Creepy Castle.
  • (Feb 05) Toki Tori: Apprentice.
  • (Feb 04) You achieved Toki Tori: Short-order Cook, Harderwijk Fried Chicken, Stackmate, Never gonna give you up!.
  • (Feb 04) Torchlight: Only a Master of Evil, Tormented.
  • (Feb 04) Champions Online: Contender, Volatile.
  • (Feb 03) Torchlight: Potion Whiz.
  • (Feb 03) Toki Tori: Dizzy, Cold Feet, Forest Falls.
  • (Feb 02) Champions Online: The Lemurians are Revolting!, The Deep End, Marine Memoriam, Lemurian Sub Victory, Sparky, Shadow of the Shark Men, Littlest Pet Shop Boy, Vanquished Stingray, Duelist.
  • (Feb 01) Champions Online: Aegir Wreck Diver, Vanquished Khusor the Crooked, The Lemurians are Revolting!.