Sunday, March 7, 2010

100% on Zuma's Revenge!

I always loved the old Zuma game, so I was really happy to see this game with achievements. It's more or less like the old game just with a few more modes and boss fights (some of those bosses can be really frustrating. In normal mode I didn't die until the last boss, who killed me around five times.) After normal mode you can play Heroic Frog mode, which is the same levels just way faster. Iron Frog gauntlet, beat 10 levels in a row under 25 minuts (to get the Iron Will achievements) I actually did on my first for-fun-run. The only two achievements I actually had problems with was Foie Gras (Force feed the God of Pestilence 20 balls in 20 seconds) - stop moving already! - and The Ocho (Acquire 8 fruits using the Proximity Bomb) - this doesn't happen as often as you think, and I ended up having to play some random challenge maps to get this one.

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