Thursday, March 4, 2010

Achievement Stats for February 2010

Here are my achievement stats for February 2010.

Total Number of Achievements: 4041 (3643)
Total Number of Achievement Points: 5374,53 (4808,76)
Average Points Per Achievement: 1,33 (1,32)

Achievements Earned: 1875 (1747)
Achievement Points: 1932,08 (1784,35)
Average Points Per Achievement: 1,03 (1,02)

Complete list of new achievements earned:
  • (Feb 25) Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II: A Worthy Sacrifice.
  • (Feb 21) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One: Steel Devils, Fight 'Em With Items, Level Awesome.
  • (Feb 20) On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One: Stray Cat, Nine Lives, All Together Now.
  • (Feb 20) Zero Gear: Bronze Medal, Gold Medal, Flight of the Falcon, Lemming.
  • (Feb 17) Champions Online: Dogcatcher, Gadroon Orders.
  • (Feb 17) Zombie Driver: Superbeast, Missed Flight, Zombie Driver, Pimp Car, Guns of Glory, Combo Master.
  • (Feb 17) Toki Tori: Hard Boiled, Escargone, Slimy Sewer Hard, Bubble Barrage Hard, Tunnel of Love.
  • (Feb 16) Champions Online: Vanquished Buster, Electric Boogaloo.
  • (Feb 16) Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II: I'll Be Blunt, Keg Stand!, Swinger, Oops, Did That Hurt?, Skirmisher, Heavy Knight, Parrot Killer.
  • (Feb 12) Magnetis: Sunday Player, Beginner, Thougie.
  • (Feb 12) Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II: Part O' The Crew, Asleep With The Fishies!, The Last Supper, First Blood.
  • (Feb 12) Nation Red: Breather.
  • (Feb 12) Age of Chivalry: Green is beautiful!, Timber!!!, Trebuchet Away! , KABOOOM!, I'm too young to die!.
  • (Feb 11) Toki Tori: Chef de Cuisine, Who are you going to call?, Creepy Castle Hard, All I got was this lousy T-Shirt.
  • (Feb 11) Zero Gear: Disappearing Act, Spring Chicken, I Get Around, Slippy Sez.
  • (Feb 10) Champions Online: Major, Predator.
  • (Feb 10) Team Fortress 2: Race for the Pennant.
  • (Feb 10) Toki Tori: Eggdurance, Forest Falls Hard, Cold as Ice, Close Encounter, True Champion, Master Chef, Bubble Barrage.
  • (Feb 09) D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up: Team Mate, Level 7 - Rolling Carnage.
  • (Feb 09) Magnetis: Pneumatic Drill, Power Hammer, Visitor, Fast Fingers!.
  • (Feb 09) Champions Online: High Five, I Believe.
  • (Feb 08) Aquaria: A New Chapter....
  • (Feb 08) Bob Came in Pieces: Chapter 2 - Silver Time, Chapter 3 - Silver Time, Chapter 4 - Silver Time, Chapter 5 - Silver Time, Chapter 6 - Silver Time, Chapter 12 - Silver Time, Chapter 2 - Gold Time, Chapter 3 - Gold Time, Chapter 4 - Gold Time, Chapter 5 - Gold Time, Chapter 12 - Gold Time.
  • (Feb 08) Torchlight: Cash for Trash.
  • (Feb 08) Zombie Driver: I Am The Law!, The Last Express, Die Zombies Die !!.
  • (Feb 07) Toki Tori: Sous-chef, Slimy Sewer.
  • (Feb 06) Champions Online: Guy with the Gun.
  • (Feb 06) Team Fortress 2: Frags of our Fathers, The Boostie Boys, Ain't Got Time to Bleed, Near Death Experience, Sticky Thump.
  • (Feb 06) Torchlight: Master Smasher, Down the Hatch, Supreme Slayer.
  • (Feb 06) Toki Tori: The Answer, Jeff, Cheapskate, So Sad, Deep Fried, Creepy Castle.
  • (Feb 05) Toki Tori: Apprentice.
  • (Feb 04) You achieved Toki Tori: Short-order Cook, Harderwijk Fried Chicken, Stackmate, Never gonna give you up!.
  • (Feb 04) Torchlight: Only a Master of Evil, Tormented.
  • (Feb 04) Champions Online: Contender, Volatile.
  • (Feb 03) Torchlight: Potion Whiz.
  • (Feb 03) Toki Tori: Dizzy, Cold Feet, Forest Falls.
  • (Feb 02) Champions Online: The Lemurians are Revolting!, The Deep End, Marine Memoriam, Lemurian Sub Victory, Sparky, Shadow of the Shark Men, Littlest Pet Shop Boy, Vanquished Stingray, Duelist.
  • (Feb 01) Champions Online: Aegir Wreck Diver, Vanquished Khusor the Crooked, The Lemurians are Revolting!.

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