Friday, February 26, 2010

Broken Computer

Well, my GeForce 8800 GTS decided it didn't want to live anymore last Sunday, so since that day I've been without computer. Sure, I have my laptop - my six year old Medion laptop from Aldi (I was actually looking for a new, but I guess that must wait). Just to whine a bit more, the Friday before my television providor (YouSee) decided to change my full subscription to the basic package leaving my with a very limited amout of channels to choose from.

Hopefully, someone will come this weekend to look at my computer to see what needs changing. With a bit of luck (please!) I can do with just a new graphic card and an extra ram block (I only have 2GB now). If there's room (I don't think there is) I'll get a new internal harddrive too - I need a fresh install of Windows (haven't decided whether it should be 7, or just XP again) and I need to backup the stuff from the old harddrive. Plus, I could use the extra space.

If everything goes as planned, I should be back online with a new and improved computer within the next week. Then I just need to find a new name for it (Skaery is my laptop, and Hal, Chegg, and Zoey were my previous computers).

New parts have now been ordered. I decided to go with a XFX Radeon HD4870 with 1GB and a fresh couple of RAM blocks 2x2GB. Actually I wanted the HD5850 card, since it's only the 5000-series that supports DirectX11, but that series is more or less impossible to get in Denmark at the moment, and I can't wait until someone get some home. Never the less, HD4870 is still much better than my old 8800 GTS 320MB card, and it's only half the price of the HD5850 card. Sadly, though, the place I ordered the gfx card from didn't have any at home, but they should get some on Tuesday, and then with a bit of luck I'll have it by Wednesday (that is, unless they decide to show up when I'm not home).

At the moment the plan is:
  1. Replace the RAM (should come Tuesday)
  2. Install the new gfx card (hopefully no later then Wednesday)
  3. Clean around the spot where my computer usually stands
  4. Do a backup of my game files
  5. Find a new internal harddrive with around 1TB (might wait a week with this)
  6. Find a good version of Windows 7
  7. Format C:

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