Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Achievement Stats for January 2010

Here are my achievement stats for January 2010.

Total Number of Achievement Games: 91 (86)
Total Number of Achievements: 3643 (3243)
Total Number of Achievement Points: 4808,76 (3768,83)
Average Points Per Achievement: 1,32 (1,16)

Achievement Games Owned: 69 (63)
Achievements Earned: 1747 (1480)
Achievement Points: 1784,35 (1287,28)
Average Points Per Achievement: 1,02 (0,87)

Complete list of new achievements earned:
  • (Jan 31) Champions Online: Vanquished Rakshasa, Raiders on the Storm, Ceiling Cat.
  • (Jan 31) Bob Came in Pieces: Chapter 8 - All Parts, Chapter 9 - All Parts, Chapter 10 - All Parts, Chapter 12 - All Parts, Chapter 13 - All Parts, The Rare Syndrome. 
  • (Jan 30) Champions Online: Avalanche, Lemuria History: Rastrinfhar's Abyss, Vanquished Captain Claw , Swabbie, Bottom Feeder, Parole Officer.
  • (Jan 30) Bob Came in Pieces: Chapter 4 - All Parts, Chapter 5 - All Parts, Chapter 6 - All Parts, Chapter 7 - All Parts, Chapter 1 - Silver Time, Chapter 1 - Gold Time.
  • (Jan 30) Champions Online: Murky Waters, Jolt, Vanquished Roman Stepanov, Cherenkov's Radiation, Half Full, Bleak Minion Assault.
  • (Jan 29) Champions Online: Robots, Radiation, and Rampage, Crisis Beneath the Sea, Lemuria: Explorer, Fully Submersible, Murky Waters.
  • (Jan 29) Bob Came in Pieces: Chapter 10 - Rusty Cage, Chapter 11 - All Parts, Partpourri, Chapter 11 - Purple Rain, Chapter 12 - You Spin Me Round, Chapter 14 - Gold Time, Chapter 13 - Drop It Like It's Hot, Back To Work!, Chapter 14 - Silver Time.
  • (Jan 27) Champions Online: The Flame of Krim.
  • (Jan 27) Bob Came in Pieces: Chapter 7 - Push It!, Chapter 8 - Search and Destroy, Chapter 9 - Let Me Blow Your Mind.
  • (Jan 26) Bob Came in Pieces: Chapter 1 - We Didn't Start the Fire, Chapter 2 - Part Shaped Box, Chapter 3 - Build Me Up Buttercup, Chapter 3 - All Parts, Chapter 4 - Rocketman, Chapter 5 - Underground, Chapter 6 - Run to the Hills.
  • (Jan 26) Champions Online: Monster Island: Cartographer, Monster Island: Spawn Camper, Banzai Pipeline, Hole In The Wall, The Qularr De-Fleeted, Flyswatter, Grease Monkey, Bait & Switch.
  • (Jan 26) Champions Online: The Wild Life, Corporate Malfeasance, Baywatch, Stop and smell the..., Drill Bits, Head for the Hills.
  • (Jan 25) Left 4 Dead 2: GAS GUZZLER.
  • (Jan 25) Champions Online: Flame-kissed, Vanquished Hyrg Coruscator, The Unnatural Imbalance, The Wild Life.
  • (Jan 25) Champions Online: Banisher.
  • (Jan 22) Champions Online: Vanquished Escaped Qularr Swarmlord, Conviction, Novicius.
  • (Jan 21) Torchlight: Line of Kings, Trolling for Punishment.
  • (Jan 19) Torchlight: The Need for Greed, Bum Luck, Hardcore Hero, Deep Delver, True Delver.
  • (Jan 19) Champions Online: Necrullitic Research, Blazing, Ghost Hunter, Slightly Queasy, Vanquished Necrull, Vanquished Zarn, Monster Island History: Andrithal, Necrull Intentions, When a Curse is a Blessing, Steam Bath.
  • (Jan 18) Champions Online: Canada History: Lynx Fold, Canada History: Hoarfrost Hills, Historian: Canada.
  • (Jan 18) Champions Online: Communication Breakdown, A Taste for the Toxic, Home on the Range, Tower Assault, Tower Defense, Respect for the Dead, Canada History: Lynx Fold.
  • (Jan 18) Champions Online: BASE Jumper, Three Coins, Get to the Choppa, Adaware, Top of the World.
  • (Jan 17) Zuma's Revenge: Foie Gras.
  • (Jan 17) Left 4 Dead 2: SHOCK JOCK, THE REAL DEAL.
  • (Jan 17) Zero Gear: Gentleman's Wager, Frozen Finish, Comeback, All You Need is Love, Paratrooper.
  • (Jan 17) Zero Gear: Pacifist, Pirate Party, War Games, Termination, Easy Rider, Inspector Kemp, Gentleman's Wager, Frozen Finish, Comeback.
  • (Jan 16) Champions Online: Vanquished Nest Leader Tadataka, Vanquished Ripper, Hatchling Assault , Vanquished Dr. Dino Demogaard, Monster Island History: Echinocos Shores, I Am the Egg-Man, Monster Island History: Slither Beach, Egg-Static, The Cast Away, Worshipped, Islander, Vanquished Slug, Alternative Energies, Gekko, Nest of Serpents.
  • (Jan 15) Champions Online: Apocalypse Survivor, Surrounded By Evil, Be Prepared.
  • (Jan 15) Champions Online: Vanquished Tilingkoot, Vanquished Mind Slayer, The Demon of the Lost, Monster Island: Explorer, Apocalypse Survivor.
  • (Jan 15) Zero Gear: Overachiever, Screwed.
  • (Jan 15) Nation Red: Ladies First, Right-Hand Man.
  • (Jan 15) Champions Online: Blue Collar, Monster Island History: Argent Corporate Wildlife Preserve, Taking a Peak, Vanquished Steel Commando, Corporate Predators, Tall Tale, War of the 'Foots, Canada: Cartographer, Canada: Spawn Camper.
  • (Jan 14) Champions Online: Get to the Point, Blue Collar.
  • (Jan 14) Zero Gear: Triple Flip, Ultimate Indie Gamer, Nail Biter, Float Like a Butterfly, Draft Master, Climate Change, Deep 6, Rocket Sauce, Good Sport, K.O., Use the Force, Deep Space.
  • (Jan 14) Zero Gear: Sting Like a Bee, Flippin Awesome, Barrel Roll, BFF, Double Flip, PWNT.
  • (Jan 13) Champions Online: Beachcomber, A Tree Grows in Westside, Vanquished Giant Destroid, Destruction of Mass Production.
  • (Jan 13) Champions Online: Vanquished White Rhino, Manimal Victory, Master of Manimals, Vanquished Mega-Terak, Monster Island History: Wayfarer Coast, No Probes Allowed, Beachcomber.
  • (Jan 13) Torchlight: Hat Trick, Passing the Torch, Hardcore Champion, Questor, The Long Haul, Noble Lineage.
  • (Jan 13) Zuma's Revenge: Justified and Ancient, My Cup Runneth Over.
  • (Jan 13) Champions Online: Vanquished Neanderthal, Guest Star.
  • (Jan 13) Champions Online: Machine Revolution, Lemuria History: Undying Reef, Guppy, Riders in the Sky, Flak Attack, Vanquished Windfist, Desert Bounty Hunter, Vanquished Neanderthal.
  • (Jan 12) Zuma's Revenge: We've Got Clearance, Clarence.
  • (Jan 11) Zuma's Revenge: You Want Fries With That?.
  • (Jan 11) Champions Online: March of the Manimals.
  • (Jan 10) Champions Online: Jar Collector, Maggot.
  • (Jan 09) Left 4 Dead 2: HEARTWARMER.
  • (Jan 08) Champions Online: Vanquished Dr. Destroyer.
  • (Jan 08) Zuma's Revenge: I Will Survive, Iron Will.
  • (Jan 08) Torchlight: Pension Plan, Superstar, Universally Understood.
  • (Jan 08) Zombie Driver: Sunken Hope.
  • (Jan 08) Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter: Game Master, Co-op Hippy, Serious Co-op.
  • (Jan 07) Champions Online: Lifeguard, Little Nook, Desert History: Area 51, Historian: Desert, Desert History: Project Stein, Pit VIPER, Offensive Line, Citizen Grond, Unsafe, Jailbird, Made in China, Dragon's Roost.
  • (Jan 07) Champions Online: Island Hopping, Monster Island History: Wells' Pass, Lifeguard, Little Nook.
  • (Jan 06) Champions Online: Mad Bling, Manimal Resources, Accident Prone, Twisted, Vanquished Ultimate Mind, Teleios' Journals, Imitation of Life, Walk with the Manimals, Hot Stuff, Private Practice.
  • (Jan 06) Torchlight: Price of Loyalty, Sir Mixes-a-lot.
  • (Jan 06) Champions Online: Manimal Assault, Vanquished Hyena Swine, Manimal Crossing.
  • (Jan 05) Torchlight: Modpocalypse, Rich, Beast Slayer II, Beast Slayer III, Hardcore God, Swift Execution, Speed King, Enchantment Overload, Transmogrifier, Gambling Enthusiast, Gambling Addict, Gambling Fiend, Epic Strike, The Horse Whisperer.
  • (Jan 05) Galactic Bowling: Flawless Finish.
  • (Jan 05) Champions Online: Purifier, Searching In Shadows, Johnston's Private Reserve, Ghost Camp, Secure the Perimeter, The Beast Within.
  • (Jan 04) Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood: War Hero, What a plot twist!.
  • (Jan 04) Galactic Bowling: Noob, Nemesis, Champion Among Friends, Partial Credit, 710.
  • (Jan 04) Champions Online: Canuck, Canada History: Burial Butte, Good for the Spirit, Vanquished Paul Johnston, Maple Leaf, Great Demon Assault.
  • (Jan 03) Zuma's Revenge: Multiplicity.
  • (Jan 03) Zuma's Revenge: Zhaka MuMu, Chains of Love.
  • (Jan 02) Galactic Bowling: The Chosen One, Ladies Man, Triple Sacked.

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