Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5th place

Finally I made it to the 5th place on SteamStats after getting a few more achievements in Champions Online.

One of the main reasons for me being able to climb this high is due to the game Champions Online. As of writing, this game has 712 achievement, and just this one game can more or less get you in the Top10. Naturally, a lot of the other players in the top have played in game, so it's not just me getting free points.
The problem with Champions Online is that it is an MMO, and I don't like those kind of games for two main reasons:
  1. You need to pay each month.
  2. You need to rely a lot on others and be social in the game.
Since the game have so many achievements I did a bit of studying, and I noticed that Champions Online is an irregular MMO in regards to point 2. In fact, Champions Online advertise itself as a solo-MMO. So most of the game can be completed alone without ever talking to anyone in the game. There are a few missions labeled as "recommending a team of 5", but these are very few, and normally you can find a few people to do them with, and then split afterwards.
When the game came on sale on Steam at 50% I thought I would try it out, since you get the first 30 days for free. But I actually found the game quite fun and ended up playing for a few month more. Also, I managed to recrute a friend (Recoon) to play the game too and help with some of the harder missions. He too really likes the game.

We both managed to get our characters to level 40 and do most of the missions (well, one of the islands has been unplayable for a few weeks, so there's still a lot of missions for us there), so the only thing that's really left to do is grinding, grinding, and some more grinding. A lot of the achievements are "kill 500 of that", then "kill 1000 of it", and finally "kill 5000 more of it". And then there's the "kill it with fire" or some other thing, and "take 10,000,000 fire damage", and so on. Other than these there are a few PvP achievements, but my character is really not a PvP type, so I don't know if I'll create a new for this, or just ignore them.

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