Friday, August 28, 2009

100% on Day of Defeat: Source

Another game to get 100% on. This time it was Day of Defeat: Source. Almost all of the achievements in this game is grinding kills; get 1000 kills with this weapon, get another 1000 with this, and so on. I managed to get all the achievements for this game without really playing it how you're supposed to; that is, I only joined other servers than my own for one achievement, namely AWOL (Play on 5 non-official Day of Defeat Source maps).

Most achievements in this game is done very easily by using the following method:
  1. Get this map (which is called dod_orange_fight_arena): .
  2. Create a server just for you.
  3. Type the following commands in the console:
    sv_cheats 1
    mp_limitteams 20
    mp_teams_unbalance_limit 30
    bot_zombie 1
    bot -team ger
    sv_cheats 0
  4. Choose the team and weapon you wish to grind.
  5. Grind.
You can also use "bot_mimic 1" to get all the bots to do the same movements as you (e.g. you can group them together for easy kills). Check out this YouTube for a video of it (I didn't make it!) .

Also, for the achievements where you need to be more than one person I used my guest pass for another account I made. I installed the game on my laptop beside my stationary. This method gave me "Jack of All Trades" (
In a single life, get a kill with an MG, Sniper Rifle, Rifle, SubMG and a Grenade), "Putsch" (Kill a machinegunner who has killed 8 or more players from a single deployed position), "Double Cross" (Kill an enemy by throwing back one of their team's grenades or riflegrenades), "Eviction Notice" (Kill a deployed sniper or machinegunner from a distance greater than 100 feet with a rocket), "Don't Bring a Gun" (Win a knife fight), and "Combat Engineer" (Defuse 100 enemy bombs).
For "Combat Engineer" and a few others I played a map called achievement0001.bsp (google it!). I would also expect this map to be pretty good at just grinding kills, but especially the bomb achievements is really easy to get here, because it more or less only consists of 8 bomb positions and two flags.

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