Monday, July 27, 2009

100% on Tank Universal

I just managed to get all the achievements for this wondering Tron-like game, and thereby joining yet another 100% club. Most of the achievements weren't really that hard; the only one I had problems with was "All Transports Away!". I had to replay that level 6-7 times before not missing any of the transports.

A lot of people have had problems with "256 Bit Supreme", which I don't understand. I actually managed to get two ranks above that rank (which just gives you an empty rank while counting your score, and then ends up as 256 Bit Supreme again).

The hardest achievement should be "Glyph Freak Deluxe", and I almost thought that I wouldn't get this basicly because there was no way to tell how many glyphs you've gotten out of the 128 you should get. I was quite pleased with it popup up at the same time as "A Full Rack" which wasn't that difficult either.

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