Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Achievement games on sale

The publisher Meridian4 has put all their games on a 50% sale to celebrate their 5 year aniversary (congrats on that). Well, this publicher has five games that have achievements (Larva Mortus, Obulis, Penguins Arena: Sedna's World, Space Trader: Merchant Marine, and Tank Universal). I decided to spent the 21.49€ for the Complete Pack because it was both cheaper this way, and I got 11 more games this way. So far I've played three games:

An old-style action game where you see the player from above. After playing for a couple of hours I've already earned 9 achievements out of 25 possible. It seems like you just have to play the game normally go get all of the achievements for this game.

A physics puzzle game where you have to get colour specific balls in a container with a same colour. So far I've managed to get three achievements out of 17 possible.

Well, you are a penguin, and you through snow balls after the other penguins to knock them out of the level. So far I've gotten three out of ten achievements.

These achievements managed to get me from a position around 140 to 99 on SteamStats =)

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