Wednesday, October 28, 2009

100% on Left 4 Dead (again)

The Crash Course DLC added 10 new achievements for the two map long campaign. All of them were pretty simpel, some of them just required some luck. A few of them are also well overdue, like the 25 hunter jump, and the hit people with cars achievements. There are just a few problems with these two achievements.
1. The Crash Course campaign is not very hunter friendly - seriously, why did they lock the roofs?
2. I have yet to see a tank before the final. Luckely they did add a car and a container (which also counts) in the final.

The only achievement I had a problem with was the Smash Hit (Win a Versus campaign of Crash Course). That doesn't make much sense, right? No matter how many times I won that campaign I couldn't unlock it. In the end, while I was doing a few of the achievements with a friend (Bart Simpson), it popped up after I got all the others. He got his after I won over him (try to make sense of that).

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