Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three More Games at 100%

I've completed three more games which nets me a total of 75 Steam games (74 if you don't include Black Ops multiplayer) and one GFWL game (Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition). The three new additions are as follow:

Worms Reloaded: I've always loved Worms, and even though this isn't the best version of it I've still had a lot of fun with it. I did, however, not enjoy grinding 17 wins in every gametype in ranked matches. That achievement has been on stand by for a long time, but, somewhat thankfully, noone plays ranked so it's not difficult to boost with a friend. It just takes a lot of time...

Star Trek D-A-C: Another multiplayer game, but another multiplayer game that thankfully has bots. Getting all achievements here wasn't really much of a problem, and it didn't take a very long time, which is a good thing since the game isn't all that fun.

Bloody Good Time: I don't know what's up with all these multiplayer games. All the achievements in this game can quickly be earned against bots. If you want to do it even faster (I used 4.4 hours) you can check out some of the console commands for round time and bonus points. After I had 11/12 achievements I was at 600/2000 stars for the last achievements.

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