Monday, April 4, 2011

Two More Games at 100%

I've completed two more games, which I will list below together with a small recommendation. Remember that you can read all my recommendation on Steam by visiting

Fun small puzzle game. I really like the idea behind the game, and I just wish it was a bit longer (I only took me 6 hours to get par on all the 24+10 levels). Anyway, fun game and great value for the small price.
Getting all the achievements in this game is pretty simple. Most you'll probably get by jump going through the levels, and the rest are all easy to do afterwards.

I was pleasently surprised when I tried out this game. The game is very cheat and just a casual fun solitaire game, and I was looking for a really casual game that didn't demand much from the player, so I bought it. Later I found out that Valve recommended charging more, but the dev didn't want to.

There's a pretty long story mode where the levels get more and more complex (I didn't really follow the story). You earn money which you can use to buy upgrades such as undo and see next card. You also collect eggs that you need to grow into adults by playing. However, there's 32 eggs to collect and they drops completely random (I'm not a fan of random drops!).

I'll easily recommend this game to anyone just for an easy casual game.
Another game that is straight-forward to get 100% on. The only anoying achievements are collecting all the eggs and getting all your pets to grow up. I want to blame that on the random drops, but getting all the XP to grow them up took me longer than finding the eggs, so I'll blame both.

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