Thursday, May 21, 2009

100% on Zeno Clash

I've just managed to join the 100% club in this wonderful indie game, Zeno Clash. I had some troubles with the Heavy Brawler (Defeat a heavy enemy without getting hit) archievement, but I finally managed to get it - my guess is that noone else (at all!) is allowed to touch your heavy for you to get this. Ch4Ep2 was the place to do this - stay in a small(!) wooden cell and beat him by running around him hitting him with your stick.

After playing this game for a while I really came to enjoy - both the story and how it's built. Also, the fighting style is really different from other games, and especially the Street Fighter (
Beat the game without using weapons unless it is absolutely necessary) archivement was a fun one.

There's talk about a ep2 which would be really great, and there's also talk about ep2 not just being a indie game. This I look really forward to!

This archievement just placed me at 251 on the SteamStats page. I wonder if it's at all possible for me to reach 100 - I have no clue how many points I need for that, but it will probably take a while.

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