Friday, May 15, 2009

Skaery's Blog

So I decided to start up a blog. "About what?" you ask. Don't know really - I'll figure out as I go. It will probably just be some random thoughts and stuff about what I'm doing.

I guess this first entry will just be a short presentation of me - Skaery.
Name: Thomas
Age: 24 (born 24th July 1984)
Country: Denmark
City: Aalborg
Occupation: Student (Math and Physics)

As I said, a short presentation - neither you nor I want to hear my life story.

I write in English basicly because I like the language, and, even though I don't know who are gonna read this (if any), more people have the possibility.

I'm just gonna stop now because there's not that many things on my mind as of now. But let me welcome you to my blog, and good luck to myself with the blog.

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