Monday, May 18, 2009

Steam Achievements

This post is going to be about Steam achievements. If you don't know what Steam is, check it out at

A few weeks ago I bought the Orange Box (for 9.99€) and saw Half Life 2: Episode 2 had achievements. At the same time I found the SteamStats page. This page crawls every Steam profile and compare the achievements the various players have obtained. At the moment I only had four games with achievements (Portal, Left 4 Dead, World of Goo, and Defense Grid: The Awakening). I had already farmed a little in Left 4 Dead for achievements, but that was it, and my rank on the stats page was way down. I checked my friends stats, and found that one person was better than me (The Re-Tard). It started out with me wanting to beat him, so I played ep2 for achievements (got all but two), but that wasn't still enought. Team Fortress 2 was also part of the Orange Box, and that game has a shitload of achievements, so I started farming some of the larger ones that gave the most points. After a while I beat him and kept going...

After some time I wanted to try out some other games that had achievements, and therefore I decided to buy Ninja Reflex (a fun small game where you train your reflexes). As of now I have 48/52 achievements (you can only get 51 because one got bugged after a bugfix - the three others I'm slowly working on). But I am a 3rd degree black belt!

The next game I tested was Popcaps Plants vs. Zombies. This truly is a great game that you can spend hours on... which I have. As of now I'm missing 1 out of 12 achievements, which I should be able to get.

Another game this SteamStats page got me to try out is Zeno Clash - a first person fighting game. A decent game that takes some time to figure out. I haven't earned that many achievements here yet - only 7/19. I still need to play the entire story once or twice plus some other stuff to get more.

The last game for now is the newly released Killing Floor - a 6-player co-op survival horror FPS where you have to fight of waves of various zombies. Compared to the price (17.99€ - 13.50€ on pre-purchase) this actually is a quite fun game - sadly I don't have 5 other friends who own the game (but I'm working on that - I already made three people buy it). Imo, this is really a hard game; I'm having problems winning just on normal difficulty, so this is going to take some time. Plus there still are some severe bugs in the game, which makes some perks harder to get, and one even impossible. For now I only have 9/43 achievements here.

Back to my SteamStats ranking. I started out as 100,000+. After I passed that I went for 50,000, then 10,000, then 5,000. 1,000 took a little longer, but as I'm writing I'm rank 595 (next goal at 500).
Now the plan isn't to become number one - not at all in fact. The highest ranked players more or less have all achievements for all games, and I don't plan on doing that. I only play the games a like, and I don't keep playing them after I grow tired of them just to get the achievements. But the purpose is twofold:
  • Try out some games I normally wouldn't buy (within reason).
  • Change my playing style a little to score some achievements.
Never the less, so far, so good. =)

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