Monday, June 1, 2009

New games

This post is late due, so there will probably come a few right after each other.
I've gotten a few more achievements since my last entry, but due to the Team Fortress 2 update my SteamStats rating has moved slighty the wrong way. This should be fixed as soon as I start farming achievements for TF2 too.

I bought two new games on Steam a while back, and here I'll give a short review of them.

Bullet Candy is a small arena shooter ala Asteroids with a lot of visual effects. To make this review shot: this game really sucks, even for 3.99€. This game is completely impossible! There's bullets and mines everywhere, and on top of that there's flashy effects all over the screen. Perhaps if everything moved a little slower if would be possible to do anything.
I played a hour, got three achievements out of 20, which will probably be all I'll get from this game.

Cogs is a puzzle game where you build machines from sliding tiles. It took the team (that is, two developers) five years to create this indie game. It is really well done, and quite fun to play. I do miss a hint function where you e.g. can see what the solution should look like. Other than that, good simple puzzle game and well worth 8.99€. This game has 18 achievements out of which I've gotten eight.

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