Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5 years on Steam (small CS:S history)

I just noticed that I've been using Steam for a little over 5 years (joined June 8, 2004), so I'll try to take a short look back at my Counter Strike history (even though my memory is really bad).

Back in 2003 I wasn't really into multiplayer games, but very much into FPS (like Half-Life). My friend Recoon (joined October 30, 2003) kept bugging me about trying out Counter Strike, but I kept saying that it wasn't my type of game. I can't even remember how he got me to try it out, put apparently he did so June 8, 2004. Since then we both played a lot of CS, and after the release of Counter Strike: Source back in late 2004 (can't remeber if we got it at release) a lot of CS:S - CS:S has really cost a lot of hours.

Back in the days (2005) Recoon and I had a small clan (consisting of two members!) called the Westzidaz. The reason for the clan was more or less to make fun other clans' stupid names with stupid chars. We actually used the Westzidaz nick for a couple of years, and over those years we ran into a lot of people who wanted to join, which we also found quite funny. Also, we've been called cheaters so many times it's ridiculous.

In 2007 we were offered to play in a clan called TheHolyClan (THC) run by Mp69 and jESUS who was seeking some decent members. After some thinking we said yes. At times the clanned worked very well, and we had like 15+ members. Also, we did ok in some ladders.
Then came the dark times... we "hired" a trainer named Iver who more less did nothing but play CS:S or watch CS:S. We were forced to put in a lot of hours (more than some of us were willing to put in), and then all of a sudden he got another offer and left. Everyone was quite mad because he had split the clan by forcing too much seriousness into the game. More of the members didn't really feel like playing CS:S anymore, and it ended up with the clan leaders shutting down the clan and stealing all the money we all had paid (which was around 1000-3000 kr. - 150-400€). This was late 2008.

Shortly after Recoon joined another clan (together with another friend from THC) he had been playing a lot with called Team b0s. I didn't feel like joining to begin with because I had some exams at the moment and I really didn't feel like playing CS:S. After a while I started playing various games with members from Team b0s, like Left4Dead and a little CS:S. Team b0s isn't really just a CS:S clan, but more of a small gaming community, which I was happy to realize.
After some time more of the members actually thought I already was a members, but actually I was waiting for an invitation because I didn't feel like asking myself. Well, I got the invitation a few month back, and I'm proud to say that I'm a b0s!

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