Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Girlfriend became Cand.Scient and sister a HF student

June 23th my girlfriend finished her studies at Aalborg University (AAU) and thereby became a Cand.Scient in Math and Physics. She finished with a 12 in her final thesis named "Analytisk perturbationsteori for lineƦre operatorer" ("Analytic pertubation theory for lineare operators").

Mette getting her grade from teacher and examiner.

Mette after the examination.

Pictures from after Mette examination

Pictures from the dimission

The same day my little sister finished HF (Higher Preparatory Examination Course), and she did so way better
than expencted. Sadly she finished with a 4, but she did manage to pull out a 12 in Danish. Natually I couldn't be two places at once so I didn't see she get her student's cap. That is also the reason why I haven't got any photos of her.

So, congratulations to both =)

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