Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend deals

Each weekend Steam has one or a few discounts. Last week it was Team Fortress 2 due to the update, which made people rage because it was included in the Orange Box, which was the weekend deal not long ago.
This week was somewhat better, even though not all are merely weekend deals, but also other types of discounts. I ended up buying the Unreal Deal for 19.99€ even though I only really needed Unreal Tournament 3 Black. More of this game later. I also bought Splinter Cell for 2.99€, Splinter Cell Double Agent for 4.99€, the Bone-Breaking Racing Package for 4.20€, which include Trials 2 Second Edition and Monster Trucks Nitro. Last game I bought was Flock! for 7.49€. So a total of 39.66€ this weekend.

I already played Unreal Tournament 3 for some time. This game has 57 achievements out of which I've already gotten 10, two of which I'm particular proud: Open War (Complete Chapter 4 in Insane) and Untouchable (Reach 20 kills against a god-like bot in instant action without dying). This game gives good point on SteamStats so I will be farming this for a while.

Trials 2 Second Edition is a motorcycle game that is really really hard. I've gotten one achivements out of 25, but I will probably not get more than one more. Did I tell you this game is really hard?

Flock! is a small casual puzzle game where you with your UFO try to steer a herd of farm animals to your Motherflocker. I can't say much about this game yet - seems cute, but I don't know how much time I will be using on it. The game has just gotten 13 achievements out of which I've gotten three so far.

In the past few days I've also been farming Team Fortress 2 for 48 new achievements. I hope I can get a friend to help with with a few where you need two players so I can score even more. As of now I'm at 166 out of 245. I've also gotten two new for Left for Dead and a few for Killing Floor. All this hard work has placed me as number 142 on SteamStats with 280.59 points. I hope Unreal Tournament 3 can get me in top100.

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