Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Game number 100

On June 26th I bought my 100th game on Steam. I can't preciely say which it was because I bought the Heroes of Might and Magic V pack on sale for 12.99€ which contains three games and an editor for each.

On June 20th I bought Empire: Total War on a Weekend Deal for 24.99€. Hopefully I will be able to get some achievements in it - there is 30 to fight for.

Girlfriend became Cand.Scient and sister a HF student

June 23th my girlfriend finished her studies at Aalborg University (AAU) and thereby became a Cand.Scient in Math and Physics. She finished with a 12 in her final thesis named "Analytisk perturbationsteori for lineƦre operatorer" ("Analytic pertubation theory for lineare operators").

Mette getting her grade from teacher and examiner.

Mette after the examination.

Pictures from after Mette examination

Pictures from the dimission

The same day my little sister finished HF (Higher Preparatory Examination Course), and she did so way better
than expencted. Sadly she finished with a 4, but she did manage to pull out a 12 in Danish. Natually I couldn't be two places at once so I didn't see she get her student's cap. That is also the reason why I haven't got any photos of her.

So, congratulations to both =)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Firefox Tip: Don't highlight space after word

You know when you double click a word this word will get highlighted, but also the space after this word. If you like me find this annoying, this is how you fix it:

1. Type about:config in your address bar
2. Look up layout.word_select.eat_space_to_next_word
3. Double click it to change the value to false
4. Profit

Now you can also highlight two words at once simply by double clicking the space between them (or right after the first word).

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5 years on Steam (small CS:S history)

I just noticed that I've been using Steam for a little over 5 years (joined June 8, 2004), so I'll try to take a short look back at my Counter Strike history (even though my memory is really bad).

Back in 2003 I wasn't really into multiplayer games, but very much into FPS (like Half-Life). My friend Recoon (joined October 30, 2003) kept bugging me about trying out Counter Strike, but I kept saying that it wasn't my type of game. I can't even remember how he got me to try it out, put apparently he did so June 8, 2004. Since then we both played a lot of CS, and after the release of Counter Strike: Source back in late 2004 (can't remeber if we got it at release) a lot of CS:S - CS:S has really cost a lot of hours.

Back in the days (2005) Recoon and I had a small clan (consisting of two members!) called the Westzidaz. The reason for the clan was more or less to make fun other clans' stupid names with stupid chars. We actually used the Westzidaz nick for a couple of years, and over those years we ran into a lot of people who wanted to join, which we also found quite funny. Also, we've been called cheaters so many times it's ridiculous.

In 2007 we were offered to play in a clan called TheHolyClan (THC) run by Mp69 and jESUS who was seeking some decent members. After some thinking we said yes. At times the clanned worked very well, and we had like 15+ members. Also, we did ok in some ladders.
Then came the dark times... we "hired" a trainer named Iver who more less did nothing but play CS:S or watch CS:S. We were forced to put in a lot of hours (more than some of us were willing to put in), and then all of a sudden he got another offer and left. Everyone was quite mad because he had split the clan by forcing too much seriousness into the game. More of the members didn't really feel like playing CS:S anymore, and it ended up with the clan leaders shutting down the clan and stealing all the money we all had paid (which was around 1000-3000 kr. - 150-400€). This was late 2008.

Shortly after Recoon joined another clan (together with another friend from THC) he had been playing a lot with called Team b0s. I didn't feel like joining to begin with because I had some exams at the moment and I really didn't feel like playing CS:S. After a while I started playing various games with members from Team b0s, like Left4Dead and a little CS:S. Team b0s isn't really just a CS:S clan, but more of a small gaming community, which I was happy to realize.
After some time more of the members actually thought I already was a members, but actually I was waiting for an invitation because I didn't feel like asking myself. Well, I got the invitation a few month back, and I'm proud to say that I'm a b0s!

Monday, June 1, 2009

1600 on IMDb

I rate movies and series on IMDb, and I've just rated my movie/serie number 1600, which was Pretty Woman. It is not the first time I've seen the movie, naturally, but it's the first time after I started rating stuff. I decided to give it a 6/10.

You can check out all of my ratings HERE. Also, I added the link on the right side.

Weekend deals

Each weekend Steam has one or a few discounts. Last week it was Team Fortress 2 due to the update, which made people rage because it was included in the Orange Box, which was the weekend deal not long ago.
This week was somewhat better, even though not all are merely weekend deals, but also other types of discounts. I ended up buying the Unreal Deal for 19.99€ even though I only really needed Unreal Tournament 3 Black. More of this game later. I also bought Splinter Cell for 2.99€, Splinter Cell Double Agent for 4.99€, the Bone-Breaking Racing Package for 4.20€, which include Trials 2 Second Edition and Monster Trucks Nitro. Last game I bought was Flock! for 7.49€. So a total of 39.66€ this weekend.

I already played Unreal Tournament 3 for some time. This game has 57 achievements out of which I've already gotten 10, two of which I'm particular proud: Open War (Complete Chapter 4 in Insane) and Untouchable (Reach 20 kills against a god-like bot in instant action without dying). This game gives good point on SteamStats so I will be farming this for a while.

Trials 2 Second Edition is a motorcycle game that is really really hard. I've gotten one achivements out of 25, but I will probably not get more than one more. Did I tell you this game is really hard?

Flock! is a small casual puzzle game where you with your UFO try to steer a herd of farm animals to your Motherflocker. I can't say much about this game yet - seems cute, but I don't know how much time I will be using on it. The game has just gotten 13 achievements out of which I've gotten three so far.

In the past few days I've also been farming Team Fortress 2 for 48 new achievements. I hope I can get a friend to help with with a few where you need two players so I can score even more. As of now I'm at 166 out of 245. I've also gotten two new for Left for Dead and a few for Killing Floor. All this hard work has placed me as number 142 on SteamStats with 280.59 points. I hope Unreal Tournament 3 can get me in top100.

New games

This post is late due, so there will probably come a few right after each other.
I've gotten a few more achievements since my last entry, but due to the Team Fortress 2 update my SteamStats rating has moved slighty the wrong way. This should be fixed as soon as I start farming achievements for TF2 too.

I bought two new games on Steam a while back, and here I'll give a short review of them.

Bullet Candy is a small arena shooter ala Asteroids with a lot of visual effects. To make this review shot: this game really sucks, even for 3.99€. This game is completely impossible! There's bullets and mines everywhere, and on top of that there's flashy effects all over the screen. Perhaps if everything moved a little slower if would be possible to do anything.
I played a hour, got three achievements out of 20, which will probably be all I'll get from this game.

Cogs is a puzzle game where you build machines from sliding tiles. It took the team (that is, two developers) five years to create this indie game. It is really well done, and quite fun to play. I do miss a hint function where you e.g. can see what the solution should look like. Other than that, good simple puzzle game and well worth 8.99€. This game has 18 achievements out of which I've gotten eight.